Hitachi patent applications published on 19 October 2006

34 US patent applications published on 19 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060236338 Recording and reproducing apparatus, and recording and reproducing method
2 20060236333 Music detection device, music detection method and recording and reproducing apparatus
3 20060236060 Assuring performance of external storage systems
4 20060236055 Storage system, data migration managing system, and data migration managing method
5 20060236051 High-speed snapshot method
6 20060236050 Computer system, computer, and remote copy processing method
7 20060236049 Remote copy system and remote copy method
8 20060236030 Disk array device and control method therefor
9 20060236028 Storage device and controlling method thereof
10 20060236024 Information read/write device
11 20060235919 Optimizing detector target polynomials in read/write channels to achieve best error rate performance in disk drives
12 20060234827 Shift change control system and automatic transmission system of automobile
13 20060234547 Termination structure of cable with shield layer
14 20060234483 CPP read sensor fabrication using heat resistant photomask
15 20060234081 Multi-layer coating having excellent adhesion and sliding properties and production method thereof
16 20060233997 Optical information recording medium and stamper
17 20060233070 Information recording/reproducing method and information recording/reproducing apparatus
18 20060233069 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus provided with the same
19 20060233012 Semiconductor storage device having a plurality of stacked memory chips
20 20060232942 Electric circuit module as well as power converter and vehicle-mounted electric system that include the module
21 20060232893 Current in plane magnetoresistive sensor having a contiguous hard bias layer located at back edge of stripe height
22 20060232888 Disk drive with side erase control
23 20060232881 Magnetic disk drive and fixing clamp
24 20060232874 Disk drive with enhanced storage capacity increase ratio
25 20060232523 Display device and display panel device
26 20060232514 Plasma display device
27 20060232510 Plasma display device
28 20060231930 Heat resistant photomask for high temperature fabrication processes
29 20060231096 Inhalation type medication apparatus
30 20060231074 Pedal system and vehicle with the pedal system
31 20060231072 Motor-driven throttle valve control device for internal combustion engine
32 20060231052 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
33 20060231005 Freshwater supply system
34 20060230601 Method for manufacturing a current in plane magnetoresistive sensor having a contiguous hard bias layer located at back edge of stripe height