Hitachi patent applications published on 23 March 2006

18 US patent applications published on 23 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060064604 Method and apparatus for cryptographic conversion in a data storage system
2 20060064560 Storage system and storage control method
3 20060064541 Method of and system for controlling attributes of a plurality of storage devices
4 20060064515 Information processing system and information processing method
5 20060063598 Support structure for bolting components of drive shaft via mounting member
6 20060063367 Multilayer wiring board, method for producing the same, semiconductor device and radio electronic device
7 20060063366 Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
8 20060062999 Composite particles
9 20060062771 Therapeutic autologous-cell delivery support system, financial system for use therewith, and method therefor
10 20060062219 Information transmission method and host device
11 20060061914 Magnetoresistive element with oxide magnetic layers and metal magnetic films deposited thereon
12 20060061723 Liquid crystal display device
13 20060061708 Microlens array, method of fabricating microlens array, and liquid crystal display apparatus with microlens array
14 20060060969 Electronic circuit including circuit-connecting material
15 20060060808 Throttle body
16 20060060794 Method of preventing charging, and apparatus for charged particle beam using the same
17 20060060775 Measurement method of electron beam current, electron beam writing system and electron beam detector
18 20060060161 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine