Hitachi patent applications published on 24 May 2007

27 US patent applications published on 24 May 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20070118758 Processing device, helper data generating device, terminal device, authentication device and biometrics authentication system
2 20070118704 Storage control device and storage control method
3 20070118703 Disk array apparatus
4 20070118694 Storage system
5 20070118605 Method and computer system for information notification
6 20070118575 File server, file server log management system and file server log management method
7 20070117574 Electronic apparatus, communication system, and program
8 20070117525 Method and apparatus for vehicle-to-vehicle multi-hop broadcast communication
9 20070117445 Cord switch and detecting apparatus using the same
10 20070117394 Polishing slurry for CMP and polishing method
11 20070117292 Display device and fabrication method thereof
12 20070116930 Surface reforming method and surface reforming apparatus of thermoplastic resin, and molded product
13 20070116558 Pressure test method of double suction volute pump
14 20070116451 Imaging apparatus and lens movement control method
15 20070115772 Optical disk apparatus with an improved track jump performance
16 20070115738 Failure management method for a storage system
17 20070115584 Write head design and method for reducing adjacent track interference in at very narrow track widths
18 20070115583 Perpendicular write head with shaped pole tip to optimize magnetic recording performance
19 20070115303 Contrast adjusting circuitry and video display apparatus using same
20 20070115104 Collision detection system and protection system using the same
21 20070115056 Operational amplifier and scanning electron microscope using the same
22 20070114843 Electro-mechanical brake system and electro-mechanical brake apparatus used therefor
23 20070114653 Wiring glass substrate for connecting a semiconductor chip to a printed wiring substrate and a semiconductor module having the wiring glass substrate
24 20070114409 Electron beam apparatus with aberration corrector
25 20070114399 Pattern measuring method
26 20070113810 Variable valve actuation device of internal combustion engine
27 20070113395 Reference feature design for flare location monitor in perpendicular write pole process