Hitachi patent applications published on 25 January 2007

28 US patent applications published on 25 January 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20070022468 Packet transmission equipment and packet transmission system
2 20070022266 Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
3 20070022259 Write protection in a storage system allowing both file-level access and volume-level access
4 20070022092 Stream data processing system and stream data processing method
5 20070021942 Performance control apparatus and method for data processing system
6 20070021925 Method and apparatus for searching for protein amphiphilic secondary structure region
7 20070021302 Optical disk and manufacturing method therefor
8 20070021159 Foldable portable wireless communication apparatus
9 20070020470 Optical film and image display apparatus panel using the same
10 20070019858 Method and apparatus for visual inspection
11 20070019452 Electronic apparatus and sensor network system
12 20070019342 Magnetoresistive sensor having an in stack bias structure with NiFeCr spacer layer for improved bias layer pinning
13 20070019340 Magnetoresistive sensor with in-stack bias layer pinned at the back edge of the sensor stripe
14 20070019339 Magnetic tunnel transistor with high magnetocurrent and stronger pinning
15 20070019338 CPP-GMR sensor with non-orthogonal free and reference layer magnetization orientation
16 20070019335 Tape medium read head with unitary formation of multiple elements
17 20070019327 Main pole structure coupled with trailing gap for perpendicular recording
18 20070019326 Thin film magnetic head for high density recording
19 20070019322 Magnetic disk drive with mechanism for fixing flexible printed circuit assembly
20 20070019308 Imaging device, lens drive control method and recording medium
21 20070019163 Color separating unit and projection type video display apparatus provided with the same
22 20070019127 Liquid crystal display device
23 20070018761 Switch, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
24 20070018498 Brake control apparatus
25 20070017570 Rectangular conductor for solar battery, method for fabricating same and lead wire for solar battery
26 20070017511 Inhalation type dosing device
27 20070017212 Catalyst diagnosis apparatus for internal combustion engine
28 20070017086 Method of fabrication for tape medium read head with unitary formation of multiple elements