Hitachi patent applications published on 25 May 2006

20 US patent applications published on 25 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060112253 Data storage system
2 20060111879 Data processing equipment, inspection assistance system, and data processing method
4 20060111139 Portable information terminal and information transmitting method
5 20060110841 Avalanche photodiode
6 20060109850 IP-SAN network access control list generating method and access control list setup method
7 20060109820 Handoff control method and mobile station
8 20060109778 Recording medium, information recording and reproducing method, and recording and reproducing apparatus
9 20060109592 Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing system
10 20060109580 Magnetic disk medium, magnetic disk drive, and method for detecting rotational position of magnetic disk medium
11 20060109460 Fluorescence detection method, detection apparatus and fluorescence detection program
12 20060109187 Invisible antenna
13 20060109008 Power control unit
14 20060109000 Defect inspection method for perpendicular magnetic recording medium, magnetic disk device, and method of registering defects in magnetic disk device having a perpendicular magnetic recording medium therein
15 20060108884 Motor control apparatus, power steering apparatus and brake control apparatus
16 20060108590 Group III-V nitride series semiconductor substrate and assessment method therefor
17 20060108527 Scanning electron microscope
18 20060108522 Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
19 20060108172 Power steering device
20 20060107520 Magnetic disk drive producing method, magnetic disk fastening method and magnetic disk attaching method