Hitachi patent applications published on 30 March 2006

35 US patent applications published on 30 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060070115 Server, VPN client, VPN system, and software
2 20060070098 Broadcast data receiver and broadcast data receiving method thereof
3 20060069932 Data storage device and control method for power-saving modes of serial interface thereof
4 20060069862 Method for managing volume groups considering storage tiers
5 20060069845 Write/read apparatus to control overwriting
6 20060069816 Recording media drive and control method for power-save modes thereof
7 20060069673 Text mining server and program
8 20060069523 Tire grip sensor and control system using the sensor
9 20060069494 Method for obtaining exhaust gas flow quantity, exhaust gas flow measurement apparatus, and exhaust gas recirculation control system
10 20060068685 In-line contiguous resistive lapping guide for magnetic sensors
11 20060068628 Package with locking mechanism and optical transceiver
12 20060068561 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
13 20060068504 Functional particle array and method of use thereof
14 20060068232 Magnetic tape
15 20060067608 Photoelectric composite interconnection assembly and electronics device using same
16 20060067455 Suppression method of radionuclide deposition on reactor component of nuclear power plant and ferrite film formation apparatus
17 20060067191 Method and apparatus of identifying disc types
18 20060067015 Magnetic sensor having a seedlayer for providing improved hard magnet properties
19 20060067014 Magnetoresistive sensor having a high coercivity hard magnetic bias layer deposited over a metallic layer
20 20060067013 Magnetoresistive head and read/write separation-type magnetic head
21 20060067004 Critically exposed lapping of magnetic sensors for target signal output
22 20060066974 Disk drive device with temperature and humidity control
23 20060066971 System and method for ameliorating the effects of adjacent track erasure in magnetic data storage device
24 20060066780 Liquid crystal display device
25 20060066522 Method for driving plasma display panel and plasma display device
26 20060066521 Method for driving plasma display panel and plasma display device
27 20060066300 Full track profile derivative method for read and write width measurements of magnetic recording head
28 20060066298 System, method, and apparatus for use of micro coils within a single slider test nest
29 20060066167 Rotating electrical machine and coil
30 20060065691 Combustion-powered nail gun
31 20060065432 Mounting structure for electronic components
32 20060065271 Medicine administering device for nasal cavities
33 20060065054 Semiconductor acceleration sensor
34 20060065049 Fluid flow sensor and fluid flow measurement device
35 20060064973 Power steering apparatus