Hitachi patents granted on 01 March 2011

55 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D633,538 Electron microscope
2 D633,537 Electron microscope
3 D633,514 Computer display with graphical user interface
4 7,900,013 Method and computer for determining storage device
5 7,900,000 Computer system preventing storage of duplicate files
6 7,899,985 Method of switching distributed storage modes in GNS
7 7,899,981 Flash memory storage system
8 7,899,971 Mainframe storage controller and mainframe volume virtualization method
9 7,899,851 Indexing method of database management system
10 7,899,793 Management of quality of services in storage systems
11 7,899,612 Traffic information estimating system
12 7,899,602 Engine control unit
13 7,899,567 Method and program for selecting product to be inspected
14 7,899,233 System and method for tracing bank notes
15 7,899,213 Image processing system and vehicle control system
16 7,899,171 Voice call system and method of providing contents during a voice call
17 7,899,144 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
18 7,899,104 EL semiconductor device
19 7,898,930 Optical disk drive
20 7,898,908 Head for thermally assisted magnetic recording device and thermally assisted magnetic recording device
21 7,898,769 Three-etch ABS design with a closed front channel
22 7,898,764 System, method, and apparatus for slit shroud with integrated bypass channel wall feature for disk drive applications
23 7,898,759 Thermally assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus
24 7,898,755 Method for measuring write width and/or read width of a composite magnetic head and a measuring device using the method
25 7,898,653 Foreign matter inspection apparatus
26 7,898,652 Method and apparatus for detecting defects on a disk surface
27 7,898,638 Liquid-crystal display device
28 7,898,633 Liquid crystal display device having a weir pattern and a sealing member with cured and uncured portions
29 7,898,629 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,898,614 Liquid crystal display module with flexible printed circuit board, insulation sheet and reflection sheet
31 7,898,612 Liquid crystal display device with wiring structure
32 7,898,557 Image displaying method, image displaying device, and contrast-adjusting circuit for use therewith
33 7,898,555 Display apparatus and driving device for displaying
34 7,898,510 Display device and display panel device
35 7,898,392 Control method, control system, RFID antenna and connection investigation method
36 7,898,347 Dielectric resonator oscillator and radar system using the same
37 7,898,256 Nuclear magnetic resonance measurement apparatus and measuring method using the same
38 7,898,255 Inspection apparatus using magnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance signal receiver coil
39 7,898,174 Organic electroluminescent display device with moisture resistant structural body including adhesive layer
40 7,898,172 Organic light emitting display apparatus
41 7,898,138 Rotary electric machine
42 7,898,128 Forced cooling rotary electric machine
43 7,897,936 Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
44 7,897,894 Laser machining apparatus for sheet-like workpiece
45 7,897,893 Method for drilling holes in a substrate, in particular an electrical circuit substrate, by means of a laser beam
46 7,897,890 Vacuum insulated switchgear
47 7,897,375 Method and apparatus for collecting and acclimatizing anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria, and denitrifying water
48 7,897,042 Entrapping immobilization pellets for purifying breeding water, process and apparatus for purifying breeding water, and aquarium set
49 7,896,933 Hydrogen supplying apparatus and method of manufacturing hydrogen supplying apparatus
50 7,896,507 Projection type display apparatus
51 7,896,302 Jet pump sensing line T-bolt clamp assembly
52 7,896,223 Solder ball printing apparatus
53 7,896,101 Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
54 7,895,833 Hydraulic drive apparatus
55 7,895,732 Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording head