Hitachi patents granted on 01 September 2009

30 US patents granted on 01 September 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D599,391 Video camera with digital video disc player
2 7,584,431 Communication system and terminal units connected thereto
3 7,584,365 Storage system
4 7,584,150 Recording method, recording medium, and recording system
5 7,584,121 Object subject to processing, which judges need for predetermined processing thereof based on usage and specification thereof
6 7,584,070 Testing/adjusting method and test control apparatus for rotating disk storage devices
7 7,584,012 Automatic defect review and classification system
8 7,583,886 Information processor
9 7,583,877 Optical fiber, optical fiber connection structure and optical connector
10 7,583,832 Method and its apparatus for classifying defects
11 7,583,698 Multicast communication method
12 7,583,659 Media gateway and automatic telephone call redirecting service system
13 7,583,572 Apparatus and method for calibrating laser power in an optical disk apparatus
14 7,583,475 Rotating disk storage device and integrated wire head suspension assembly
15 7,583,474 Suspension and limiter mechanism for a data storage device
16 7,583,473 Air bearing with both low altitude and speed sensitivities
17 7,583,461 Defect registration method of magnetic disk, and magnetic disk drive
18 7,583,307 Autostereoscopic display
19 7,583,239 Wireless communications device
20 7,583,193 Method for supporting an antenna wiring, and a system
21 7,583,036 Electrically driven vehicle
22 7,582,921 Semiconductor device and method for patterning
23 7,582,901 Semiconductor device comprising metal insulator metal (MIM) capacitor
24 7,582,885 Charged particle beam apparatus
25 7,582,368 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with an exchange-spring recording structure and a lateral coupling layer for increasing intergranular exchange coupling
26 7,582,218 Method for merging sensor field-mill and electronic lapping guide material placement for a partial mill process and sensor formed according to the method
27 7,581,838 Optical projector and image display apparatus using the same
28 7,581,519 Phase adjusting apparatus and a cam shaft phase adjusting apparatus for an internal combustion engine
29 7,581,379 Gas turbine power generating machine
30 7,581,310 Electronic component mounting apparatus