Hitachi patents granted on 01 September 2015

50 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D737,785 Boat for substrate processing apparatus
2 9,124,758 Television receiver with a TV phone function
3 9,124,616 Computer system management method and client computer
4 9,124,613 Information storage system including a plurality of storage systems that is managed using system and volume identification information and storage system management method for same
5 9,124,531 VPN composing method, interwork router, packet communication method, data communication apparatus, and packet relaying apparatus
6 9,124,518 Communication device and communication system
7 9,124,146 Axial gap rotating-electric machine
8 9,124,138 Power grid operation control system, device, and method
9 9,123,938 Nonaqueous-electrolyte battery
10 9,123,835 Connected structure and method for manufacture thereof
11 9,123,734 Semiconductor-encapsulating adhesive, semiconductor-encapsulating film-form adhesive, method for producing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
12 9,123,644 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and system of processing substrate
13 9,123,531 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
14 9,123,530 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
15 9,123,516 Multipole segments aligned in an offset manner in a mass spectrometer
16 9,123,504 Semiconductor inspection device and semiconductor inspection method using the same
17 9,123,501 Device for correcting diffraction aberration of electron beam
18 9,123,457 Differential transmission cable and method of manufacturing the same
19 9,123,452 Differential signaling cable, transmission cable assembly using same, and production method for differential signaling cable
20 9,123,188 Acceleration sensor fault detection apparatus
21 9,123,156 X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstruction method
22 9,123,139 Ultrasonic image processing with directional interpolation in order to increase the resolution of an image
23 9,123,121 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and fluid imaging method
24 9,123,098 Medical image processing device and medical image processing method, applying weighted penalty term in iterative approximation
25 9,122,787 Method and apparatus to utilize large capacity disk drives
26 9,122,530 Management apparatus and management method
27 9,122,416 Mainframe storage apparatus that utilizes thin provisioning
28 9,122,415 Storage system using real data storage area dynamic allocation method
29 9,122,410 Storage system comprising function for changing data storage mode using logical volume pair
30 9,122,399 Storage system and storage control method
31 9,122,273 Failure cause diagnosis system and method
32 9,122,145 Laser projector with reduced speckle
33 9,122,139 Projection image displaying device with openings around its projection lens and mirror
34 9,122,026 Optical waveguide, opto-electric hybrid board, and optical module
35 9,121,738 Measuring device of air flow rate for air conditioning system
36 9,121,611 Combustor, burner, and gas turbine
37 9,121,524 Shock absorber
38 9,121,415 Link mechanism, and variable turbine vane driving unit having the same
39 9,121,379 Fuel injection valve
40 9,121,361 Control system of electric actuator and control method thereof
41 9,121,291 Turbine blade and gas turbine
42 9,121,161 Construction machine
43 9,120,913 Elastic composite material and mold product using the same
44 9,120,648 Disk hoisting tool
45 9,120,416 Conveyance vehicle
46 9,120,322 Ink jet recording device
47 9,120,051 Method and device for treating exhaust gas containing carbon dioxide
48 9,119,560 X-ray CT apparatus
49 9,119,557 Ultrasonic image processing method and device, and ultrasonic image processing program
50 9,119,556 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus