Hitachi patents granted on 02 August 2011

76 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,992,048 Computer system and method for performing failure detecting processing for a logical path
2 7,992,032 Cluster system and failover method for cluster system
3 7,992,027 Power supply device and storage control device
4 7,992,011 Power management method for information platform
5 7,991,974 Storage system having dynamic volume allocation function
6 7,991,970 Remote copy with worm guarantee
7 7,991,952 Method of extension of storage capacity and storage system using the method
8 7,991,893 Method and apparatus for locating candidate data centers for application migration
9 7,991,860 Method and apparatus for HBA migration
10 7,991,856 Network system
11 7,991,749 Database recovery method applying update journal and database log
12 7,991,616 Speech synthesizer
13 7,991,549 Traffic information system based on travel history
14 7,991,447 Biological photometric equipment
15 7,991,419 Press-talk server, transcoder, and communication system
16 7,991,354 Method of communication and base station
17 7,991,290 Optical prism and optical transceiver module for optical communications
18 7,991,251 Optical module mounted with WDM filter
19 7,991,248 Optical waveguide substrate and substrate mounting photoelectric hybrid circuit
20 7,991,218 Pattern matching apparatus and semiconductor inspection system using the same
21 7,991,217 Defect classifier using classification recipe based on connection between rule-based and example-based classifiers
22 7,991,207 Method and device for extracting region including stratified region held between first and second closed regions
23 7,991,205 Biometrics device
24 7,990,942 Wireless data communication method for a base station using a common pilot channel and an individual pilot channel
25 7,990,939 Information transmitting method and information transmitting system
26 7,990,830 Optical pickup, optical information recording apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus using the optical pickup
27 7,990,823 Storage device and its drive startup method
28 7,990,817 Optical disk medium and tracking method
29 7,990,813 Optical pickup device
30 7,990,661 Active shield superconducting electromagnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
31 7,990,657 Plurality of non-magnetic dampers on a voice coil yoke arm
32 7,990,653 Perpendicular recording magnetic head with a main magnetic pole piece and an auxiliary magnetic pole piece
33 7,990,652 Perpendicular magnetic write head with stepped write pole for reduced MCW dependency on skew angle
34 7,990,651 Method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write head with stepped trailing magnetic shield with electrical lapping guide control
35 7,990,650 Reducing the obstruction of air flow through a bypass channel associated with a disk drive using an electrostatic pass-by filter
36 7,990,647 Thermally assisted recording head control means for protrusion management
37 7,990,640 Apparatus and method for determining motor spin direction of a hard disk drive
38 7,990,530 Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus
39 7,990,529 Detection circuit and foreign matter inspection apparatus for semiconductor wafer
40 7,990,500 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,990,491 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,990,480 Broadcast receiving apparatus, and a tuner and a distributor for the same
43 7,990,442 Image pickup device and noise reduction method thereof
44 7,990,415 Image input device and calibration method
45 7,990,369 Image display apparatus and image display module
46 7,990,361 Liquid crystal display device having an improved backlight
47 7,990,355 Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
48 7,990,341 Plasma display device
49 7,990,228 Semiconductor device and wiring part thereof
50 7,990,139 Two-axis geo-magnetic field sensor with elimination of eefect of external offset magnetic fields
51 7,990,122 Digital control switching power-supply device and information processing equipment
52 7,990,085 Generator control unit
53 7,990,059 Organic electroluminescence display device
54 7,990,039 Liquid crystal display device with cold cathode fluorescent lamp having phosphor film
55 7,989,997 Control device for electrically operated power steering system
56 7,989,782 Apparatus and method for specimen fabrication
57 7,989,774 Radiation detector
58 7,989,768 Scanning electron microscope
59 7,989,766 Sample inspection apparatus
60 7,989,764 Ion trap mass spectrometry method
61 7,989,755 Apparatus for photon detection including a sample cell with an outer surface with a curved bottom, and a pinhole created on a pinhole plate
62 7,989,708 Multi-layer wiring board
63 7,989,700 Cable
64 7,989,330 Dry etching method
65 7,989,163 Detection method and detection apparatus of substance in biological sample
66 7,989,152 Magneto-optical photoresist
67 7,989,143 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an organic thin film transistor
68 7,989,111 Fuel cell and information electronic device mounting the fuel cell
69 7,989,107 Lithium-ion secondary battery
70 7,989,100 Sealed prismatic battery
71 7,989,096 Perpendicular recording media having an exchange-spring structure
72 7,988,797 Nano-composite magnet, quenched alloy for nano-composite magnet, and method for producing them and method for distinguishing them
73 7,988,435 Oilless screw compressor and compressed air cooling unit
74 7,988,371 Camera module
75 7,988,141 Bill deposit/withdrawal machine for depositing/withdrawing bills
76 7,987,583 Magnetic head slider testing apparatus and magnetic head slider testing method