Hitachi patents granted on 02 January 2007

49 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,159,241 Method for the determination of soundness of a sheet-shaped medium, and method for the verification of data of a sheet-shaped medium
2 7,159,166 Error correction method, error correction circuit and information-recording/reproduction apparatus
3 7,159,088 Storage system and data processing system
4 7,159,087 Storage system and remote copy method for storage system
5 7,159,081 Automatic scenario management for a policy-based storage system
6 7,159,079 Multiprocessor system
7 7,159,074 Data storage system
8 7,159,072 Method and apparatus for monitoring the quantity of differential data in a storage system
9 7,159,067 Information processing apparatus using index and TAG addresses for cache
10 7,159,050 File input/output control device and method for the same
11 7,159,045 Address management device
12 7,159,024 Storage system and method for controlling the same
13 7,158,893 Mass spectrometric data analyzing method, mass spectrometric data analyzing apparatus, mass spectrometric data analyzing program, and solution offering system
14 7,158,848 Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing apparatus
15 7,158,799 Wireless base station position setting method, wireless communication system, and program
16 7,158,770 Channel estimation method for a mobile communication system
17 7,158,526 Packet communication method and apparatus and a recording medium storing a packet communication program
18 7,158,521 Synchronization system and synchronization method of multisystem control apparatus
19 7,158,514 Multicast routing method and apparatus for routing multicast packet
20 7,158,351 Magnetic recording and reproducing head restraining a side reading
21 7,158,348 Integrated lead suspension for use in a disk drive using a tri-metal laminate and method for fabrication
22 7,158,342 Hard disk drive with aerodynamic diffuser, contraction, and fairing for disk base and re-acceleration drag reduction
23 7,158,339 Recording/ reproducing method and recording/reproducing apparatus for magnetic tape
24 7,158,332 Magnetic disk storage system
25 7,158,327 Storage apparatus and control method therefor
26 7,158,202 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
27 7,158,188 Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
28 7,158,107 Display device for displaying video data
29 7,158,074 Radar system and car radar system
30 7,157,912 Apparatus for generating homogeneous magnetic field
31 7,157,847 Display device
32 7,157,844 Cathode ray tube provided with a faceplate having a convex outer surface and a lens assembly attached therein
33 7,157,810 Backup power supply
34 7,157,804 Electrical rotating machine control unit and power generation system
35 7,157,751 Display device
36 7,157,716 Semiconductor radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus
37 7,157,506 Resin composition with excellent dielectric characteristics, process for producing resin composition, varnish prepared from the same, process for producing the same, prepeg made with these, and metal-clad laminate
38 7,157,162 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
39 7,157,136 Magnetic recording medium
40 7,157,050 System and method for detecting biological and chemical material
41 7,156,972 Method for controlling the ferric ion content of a plating bath containing iron
42 7,156,971 Capillary array and electrophoresis apparatus, and methods
43 7,156,810 Blood sugar level measuring method and apparatus
44 7,156,743 Mechanical fuse and method of manufacturing the same
45 7,156,012 Pneumatically operated fastener driving tool
46 7,155,906 Power steering system
47 7,155,905 Power steering apparatus
48 7,155,810 Method for fabricating a magnetic head
49 7,155,807 Method of centering media disks on the hub of a spindle motor in a hard disk drive