Hitachi patents granted on 02 June 2009

53 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,543,310 Optical disk apparatus with openings for discharging air from therein
2 7,543,150 Method and system for setting up hosting environments in safety
3 7,543,129 Storage system and storage area allocation method configuring pool areas each including logical volumes having identical allocation unit size
4 7,543,121 Computer system allowing any computer to copy any storage area within a storage system
5 7,543,108 Storage system and storage control method achieving both power saving and good performance
6 7,542,877 Computer system and method for controlling computer system
7 7,542,844 Dynamic prediction of traffic congestion by tracing feature-space trajectory of sparse floating-car data
8 7,542,762 Wireless communication system and test method thereof, and access terminal for testing wireless communication system
9 7,542,719 Wireless communication system, wireless relay unit and wireless terminal constituting the wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
10 7,542,672 Optical switching apparatus with optical reflection monitor and reflection monitoring system
11 7,542,565 Foldable cellular phone
12 7,542,396 Information recording apparatus, information recording medium and information recording medium
13 7,542,387 Defocus detection device, defocus detection method and optical disk unit using the same
14 7,542,357 Semiconductor device
15 7,542,347 Semiconductor device
16 7,542,317 Semiconductor device and power conversion apparatus using the same
17 7,542,312 Electric power converter
18 7,542,244 Magnetic head to prevent undesired data erasure and magnetic disk storage having the same
19 7,542,238 Aerodynamic magnetic head slider and magnetic disk drive
20 7,542,228 Frictional heat assisted recording
21 7,542,223 Magnetic disk drive using load/unload area for data storage
22 7,542,152 Method for measuring thickness of thin film, method for forming polycrystal semiconductor thin film, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, apparatus for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing image display device
23 7,542,121 Liquid crystal display device
24 7,542,108 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,542,106 Liquid crystal display device
26 7,542,105 Display device
27 7,542,098 Display device and display method
28 7,542,080 Measuring device using image and measurement method using image
29 7,541,992 Mobile radio communication device
30 7,541,979 Small size thin type antenna, multilayered substrate, high frequency module, and radio terminal mounting them
31 7,541,906 Sintered plunger and production method therefor
32 7,541,848 PLL circuit
33 7,541,811 Apparatus for electron spin resonance CT
34 7,541,773 Battery-powered tool capable of detecting discharged battery pack
35 7,541,769 Electric power converter and motor driving system
36 7,541,758 MOS rectifying device, driving method thereof, and motor generator and motor vehicle using thereof
37 7,541,748 Discharge lamp lighting device
38 7,541,719 Stage and X-Y stage each on which to place sample, and charged-particle beam apparatus
39 7,541,712 Fuel pump
40 7,541,710 Rotating electric machine
41 7,541,667 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,541,593 Radiation detection module, printed circuit board, and radiological imaging apparatus
43 7,541,544 Polyester resin composition and insulated wire using same
44 7,541,107 Solid polyelectrolyte, assembly of membrane and electrodes, amd fuel cell
45 7,541,104 Borazine-based resin, and method for production thereof, borazine based resin composition, insulating coating and method for formation thereof, and electronic parts having the insulating coating
46 7,540,959 Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
47 7,540,949 Capillary array electrophoresis apparatus and method of separating and analyzing specimen
48 7,540,722 Blower
49 7,540,711 Heat resisting steel, steam turbine rotor shaft using the steel, steam turbine, and steam turbine power plant
50 7,540,701 Cargo transportation box body with cargo handling device
51 7,540,571 Motor-driven disk brake system
52 7,540,445 Tape cartridge
53 7,540,274 High pressure fuel supply pump for internal combustion engine