Hitachi patents granted on 02 June 2015

38 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D730,962 Base of a thin membrane holder for an electron microscope
2 D730,894 Magnetic disc storage unit for electronic computer
3 9,049,726 Heterogeneous-systems coexistence method and wireless gateway apparatus
4 9,049,192 Biometric authentication method and computer system
5 9,049,049 Routing method in in-vehicle gateway device
6 9,048,953 Optical communication system, optical transmitter, and transponder
7 9,048,699 Power tool
8 9,048,667 Cell controller, battery module and power supply system
9 9,048,056 Glass composition and covering and sealing members using same
10 9,047,994 Core of light water reactor and fuel assembly
11 9,047,829 Image display apparatus
12 9,047,247 Storage system and data processing method
13 9,047,220 Storage system and data management method
14 9,047,195 Computer system with virtualization mechanism and management table, cache control method and computer program
15 9,047,122 Integrating server and storage via integrated tenant in vertically integrated computer system
16 9,047,020 Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor
17 9,047,016 Storage system for controlling assignment of storage area to virtual volume storing specific pattern data
18 9,046,653 PDL compensator optical device, and PDL compensation method
19 9,046,615 Production method of scintillator array
20 9,046,518 Detector and detection method
21 9,046,502 Liquid quality checking device and liquid storage tank provided with the device
22 9,046,499 Surface inspecting apparatus and surface inspecting method
23 9,046,472 Crystal analysis apparatus, composite charged particle beam device, and crystal analysis method
24 9,046,469 Ultrasonic testing method
25 9,046,145 Shock absorber
26 9,046,100 Variable vane pump with communication groove in the cam ring
27 9,046,029 Heat-resistant, ferritic cast steel having excellent melt flowability, gas defect resistance, toughness and machinability, and exhaust member made thereof
28 9,046,014 Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
29 9,046,010 Control unit for variable valve timing mechanism and control method for variable valve timing mechanism
30 9,045,825 Method of forming metal-containing film
31 9,045,726 Device for automatically analyzing microorganisms and method for automatically analyzing microorganisms
32 9,045,133 Vehicle travel control device
33 9,044,995 Reflection frame-equipped sheet
34 9,044,875 Chain saw
35 9,044,807 Centrifugally cast composite roll and its production method
36 9,044,736 Method for producing metal substrate for flue gas denitration catalyst
37 9,044,605 Beam monitor system and particle beam irradiation system
38 9,044,175 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and three-dimensional elastic ratio calculating method