Hitachi patents granted on 02 May 2006

59 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,039,870 Method for connecting computer systems
2 7,039,785 Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
3 7,039,778 Data backup method in a network storage system
4 7,039,777 Method and apparatus for managing replication volumes
5 7,039,758 Disk array system based on disks with a fixed-length unit of access
6 7,039,757 Cluster disk array system and a method for operating the cluster disk array system
7 7,039,752 Connection support method for disk array device
8 7,039,745 Control system including controller and field devices
9 7,039,730 Storage device control apparatus and method
10 7,039,728 Information processing device and method
11 7,039,707 Disk subsystem, computer system, storage managing method and program
12 7,039,662 Method and apparatus of media management on disk-subsystem
13 7,039,660 Disaster recovery processing method and apparatus and storage unit for the same
14 7,039,636 Document retrieval method and document retrieval system
15 7,039,548 Miter saw for displaying angle of cutter blade cutting workpiece
16 7,039,487 Exposure apparatus and exposure method
17 7,039,454 Biological optical measuring instrument
18 7,039,425 Terminal usage limiting apparatus
19 7,039,272 Optical transmission equipment with dispersion compensation, and dispersion compensating method
20 7,039,162 X-ray diagnosis apparatus
21 7,039,141 Data synchronization detection device, information recording device, information reproduction device, information recording format, signal processing device, information recording and reproducing device, and information recording medium
22 7,039,123 Signal demodulation method and apparatus for reproducing data from received signal
23 7,039,012 Process execution method and apparatus
24 7,038,989 High-frequency superimposing method and optical disk apparatus using it
25 7,038,984 Power backup method for disk array storage apparatus
26 7,038,961 Semiconductor device
27 7,038,892 Apparatus having a hard bias seedlayer structure for providing improved properties of a hard bias layer
28 7,038,890 Current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) sensor with a highly conductive cap structure
29 7,038,885 Balanced and damped suspension for use in a disk drive
30 7,038,883 Magnetic head slider, support therefor and magnetic disk unit
31 7,038,881 Magnetic head for perpendicular recording including a main pole having a pole tip with three tapered sides
32 7,038,873 Magnetic recording medium having a specific relation of coercive force HC and residual magnetization MR in perpendicular direction to substrate surface
33 7,038,870 Data storage device, data write method, and program
34 7,038,767 Three-dimensional micropattern profile measuring system and method
35 7,038,675 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
36 7,038,651 Display device
37 7,038,649 Liquid crystal display driving method/driving circuit capable of being driven with equal voltages
38 7,038,641 Color/black-and-white switchable portable terminal and display unit
39 7,038,325 Wiring tape for semiconductor device including a buffer layer having interconnected foams
40 7,038,322 Multi-chip module
41 7,038,306 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,038,233 Semiconductor optical devices and optical modules
43 7,038,068 Method for liquid/liquid extraction of molecular weight fractions of perfluorinated polyethers
44 7,037,847 Methods for fabricating read sensor for magnetic heads with reduced read track width
45 7,037,735 Apparatus and method for testing defects
46 7,037,607 Magnetic recording medium, process for producing same and magnetic disc apparatus
47 7,037,238 Control device and control method for a vehicle
48 7,037,237 Car control apparatus and control method
49 7,037,161 Method of manufacturing flat panel displays utilizing a surface treating layer
50 7,036,741 Semiconductor devices and manufacturing method therefor and electronic commerce method and transponder reader
51 7,036,724 System for enhancing the data storage security of cash-free transactions in vending machines
52 7,036,722 Automatic transaction machine
53 7,036,707 Friction stir welding method, frame members used therein, and product formed thereby
54 7,036,486 Electronically controlled throttle apparatus
55 7,036,368 Heating resistor type air flow rate measuring apparatus
56 7,036,208 Self aligned magnetoresistive flux guide read head with exchange bias underneath free layer
57 RE39,082 Half reflection type liquid crystal display device having matched phase of transmitted and reflected light
58 D520,188 Electric razor
59 D519,809 Portable pneumatic nailer