Hitachi patents granted on 02 November 2010

55 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D626,579 Electron microscope
2 7,827,571 Disk drive device having air stream restrictive device
3 7,827,382 Network system and method for setting volume group in the network system
4 7,827,369 Data processing system having a plurality of storage systems
5 7,827,368 Snapshot format conversion method and apparatus
6 7,827,367 Backup control method for acquiring plurality of backups in one or more secondary storage systems
7 7,827,351 Storage system having RAID level changing function
8 7,827,331 IO adapter and data transferring method using the same
9 7,827,309 Information processing apparatus for concealing the identity of internet protocol addresses
10 7,827,269 System and method for managing networked storage devices with a plurality of logical units
11 7,827,193 File sharing system, file sharing device and file sharing volume migration method
12 7,827,178 File server for performing cache prefetching in cooperation with search AP
13 7,827,149 Electronic appliance service system
14 7,826,393 Management computer and computer system for setting port configuration information
15 7,826,321 Optical disk apparatus and control method thereof
16 7,826,316 Optical disc drive and method for processing recorded data
17 7,826,266 Semiconductor device having global and local data lines coupled to memory mats
18 7,826,217 Cooling device and electronic apparatus using the same
19 7,826,182 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with CoFeGe ferromagnetic layers
20 7,826,170 Apparatus and method for adjusting a feed-forward signal for seek control during a seek operation
21 7,826,165 Servo signal recording apparatus
22 7,826,140 Laser marking device
23 7,826,047 Apparatus and method for optical inspection
24 7,826,028 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,826,022 Active matrix type liquid crystal display and liquid crystal material
26 7,826,015 In-plane switching transflective liquid crystal display device with the pixel electrode elecrically coupled to the active element in a portion defining a clearance between the first electrodes for the transmission and reflective sections
27 7,826,008 Liquid crystal display device having direct backlight with an odd number of fluorescent lamps providing enhanced brightness at center of screen
28 7,826,006 Display device
29 7,825,893 Liquid crystal display, as well as, a backlight controller and a method for the same
30 7,825,884 Liquid crystal display device
31 7,825,875 Method for driving plasma display panel
32 7,825,810 RFID tag read system and method of reading RFID tag
33 7,825,799 Method and apparatus for monitoring power supply failure
34 7,825,781 Tire pressure monitoring system
35 7,825,620 Controller and constant measuring apparatus for AC motor
36 7,825,596 Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
37 7,825,562 Rotary electric machine, crank-shaped continuously winding coil, distribution winding stator and forming method thereof
38 7,825,559 Rotating machine
39 7,825,436 Thin film electron source
40 7,825,412 Display device
41 7,825,388 Charged particle beam irradiation system and charged particle beam extraction method
42 7,825,377 Electron beam apparatus with aberration corrector
43 7,825,060 Method for production of catalyst and catalyst produced by the method
44 7,825,054 Semiconductor porcelain composition
45 7,824,915 Sample dispensing apparatus and automatic analyzer including the same
46 7,824,635 Filter for exhaust gas from diesel engine and equipment
47 7,824,625 Dehydrogenation fuel theft prevention system
48 7,824,496 Container, container producing method, substrate processing device, and semiconductor device producing method
49 7,824,336 Ultrasonic apparatus for diagnosis and therapy
50 7,824,210 Connector
51 7,824,160 Scroll compressor and refrigerating apparatus
52 7,824,049 Illumination device and display device incorporating the same
53 7,823,793 IC card and an adapter for the same
54 7,823,469 Sample dispensing apparatus
55 7,823,384 Electrically actuated brake booster