Hitachi patents granted on 02 October 2007

48 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D552,143 Video camera with digital video disc player
2 D551,930 Reciprocating saw
3 7,278,097 Display method of spatial data relationships
4 7,278,037 Storage control device and control method therefor
5 7,278,029 Program writable IC card and method thereof
6 7,278,007 Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
7 7,278,000 Data migration with worm guarantee
8 7,277,979 Microcomputer with mode-controlled memory
9 7,277,914 Proxy server apparatus and method for providing service using the same
10 7,277,896 File sharing system and client apparatus
11 7,277,892 Database processing system, method, program and program storage device
12 7,277,881 Document retrieval system and search server
13 7,277,821 Method of collecting and storing storage network performance information, computer system, and program
14 7,277,816 Tire grip sensor and control system using the sensor
15 7,277,798 Methods for extracting similar expression patterns and related biopolymers
16 7,277,771 Three-dimensional foam analysis method, product design aiding method using the analysis method, and recording medium recording these methods
17 7,277,699 Remote operating system
18 7,277,681 Interrogator of moving body identification device
19 7,277,643 Clock extracting fabric in a communication device
20 7,277,498 Mapping method of code word with QAM modulation
21 7,277,260 Magnetic head spin valve structure with CoFeCu magnetic layer and ZnO.sub.x/TaO.sub.x cap layer
22 7,277,258 Dual-stage actuator disk drive with optimal location of the movable portion of the secondary actuator
23 7,277,252 Method of feedback control for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive slider
24 7,277,251 Data reliability improvement at low temperature
25 7,277,163 Personal identification system
26 7,277,143 Translucent reflective type liquid crystal display
27 7,277,078 Display device
28 7,277,072 Image display
29 7,277,060 Antenna
30 7,276,908 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with suppressed noise
31 7,276,900 Magnetic characteristic inspecting apparatus and inspecting method using it
32 7,276,891 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a contactless electronic device
33 7,276,876 Synchronous motor driving apparatus
34 7,276,864 Discharge lamp lighting device and projection type image display apparatus having the same
35 7,276,779 III-V group nitride system semiconductor substrate
36 7,276,709 System and method for electron-beam lithography
37 7,276,707 Deflector, method of manufacturing deflector, and charged particle beam exposure apparatus
38 7,276,693 Inspection method and apparatus using charged particle beam
39 7,276,279 Compound for forming wiring conductor, fabrication method of circuit board using the same and circuit board
40 7,276,262 Control of process timing during manufacturing of magnetic thin film disks
41 7,276,099 Electric vacuum cleaner
42 7,275,687 Service providing system and method
43 7,275,538 Inhaling type medicine administering apparatus and medicine cartridge used therein
44 7,275,503 Heat transfer tube panel module and method of constructing exhaust heat recovery boiler using the module
45 7,275,453 Analyzing apparatus and fine particle collecting apparatus
46 7,275,326 Portable electric cutting apparatus
47 7,275,311 Apparatus and system for precise lapping of recessed and protruding elements in a workpiece
48 7,275,306 Damascene method for forming write coils of magnetic heads