Hitachi patents granted on 03 April 2007

47 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,200,729 Subsystem replacement method
2 7,200,727 Remote storage disk control device with function to transfer commands to remote storage devices
3 7,200,725 Storage remote copy system
4 7,200,697 High speed data transfer between mainframe storage systems
5 7,200,682 Time stamp generating system
6 7,200,628 Method for reserving pages of database
7 7,200,622 Inter-server dynamic transfer method for virtual file servers
8 7,200,616 Information management system, control method thereof, information management server and program for same
9 7,200,587 Method of searching similar document, system for performing the same and program for processing the same
10 7,200,506 Method for failure analysis and system for failure analysis
11 7,200,494 Method and apparatus for chromatographic data processing
12 7,200,470 Train detection system and a train detection method
13 7,200,457 Component and material traceability control apparatus, control method, control program, and control program memory medium
14 7,200,313 Method for the preparation of optical waveguide devices and optical waveguide devices
15 7,200,274 Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
16 7,200,232 Method and apparatus for symmetric-key decryption
17 7,200,075 Optical disc apparatus switching focus point between layers
18 7,200,074 Disk array system and method for controlling disk array system
19 7,200,061 Sense amplifier for semiconductor memory device
20 7,199,986 Magnetoresistive sensor with decoupled hard bias multilayers
21 7,199,984 Current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistive sensor with free layer stabilized by in-stack orthogonal magnetic coupling
22 7,199,982 Eliminating ESD exposure for read/write head with heating element
23 7,199,973 Perpendicular magnetic recording head with trailing shield throat height less than shaping layer distance from ABS
24 7,199,972 Narrow write head pole tip fabricated by sidewall processing
25 7,199,963 Method of performing self-servo write using a helium environment
26 7,199,955 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
27 7,199,954 Method, apparatus and program storage device for determining sector block sizes using existing controller signals
28 7,199,821 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling white balance
29 7,199,714 Verification method of goods using IC tags and equipment using the method
30 7,199,687 Solenoid type drive and starter using the same
31 7,199,648 Semiconductor integrated circuit including first and second switching transistors having operation states corresponding to operation states of first and second logic circuits
32 7,199,547 Apparatus, method or system for controlling mobile body
33 7,199,472 Semiconductor device
34 7,199,469 Semiconductor device having stacked semiconductor chips sealed with a resin seal member
35 7,199,441 Optical module device driven by a single power supply
36 7,199,365 Electron beam apparatus with aberration corrector
37 7,198,983 Solder ball excellent in micro-adhesion preventing properties and wetting properties and method for preventing the micro-adhesion of solder balls
38 7,198,962 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof including a probe test step and a burn-in test step
39 7,198,818 Fabrication of self-aligned reflective/protective overlays on magnetoresistance sensors
40 7,198,601 Ultrasonic contrast medium imaging apparatus and method
41 7,198,457 Single-shaft multistage pump
42 7,198,447 Semiconductor device producing apparatus and producing method of semiconductor device
43 7,198,390 Reflector, projective display and projector
44 7,198,012 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
45 7,197,924 Apparatus and method for evaluating subterranean environments
46 7,197,897 Chemical strengthening process for disks used in disk drive data storage devices
47 7,197,872 Hydraulic circuit in work vehicle