Hitachi patents granted on 03 April 2012

66 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D656,910 Adhesive tape for semiconductor manufacturing
2 D656,909 Adhesive tape for semiconductor manufacturing
3 8,151,190 Analysis device
4 8,151,159 Data communications system and data communications method between distributed controllers connected by serial bus
5 8,151,119 Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
6 8,151,111 Processing device constituting an authentication system, authentication system, and the operation method thereof
7 8,151,080 Storage system and management method thereof
8 8,151,078 Method for rearranging a logical volume in a network connected storage system
9 8,151,070 System and method for backup by splitting a copy pair and storing a snapshot
10 8,151,066 Computer system preventing storage of duplicate files
11 8,151,060 Semiconductor memory system having a snapshot function
12 8,151,047 Storage system and management method thereof
13 8,151,046 Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
14 8,151,045 Medium recording/reproducing apparatus enabling to notice of edition number and method for managing edition number of times
15 8,151,013 Storage system
16 8,150,985 Application execution managing method, application execution server computer, and repeater
17 8,150,678 Spoken document retrieval system
18 8,150,658 Three-dimensional object recognition system and inventory system using the same
19 8,150,645 Automatic analzyer
20 8,150,598 Engine controller
21 8,150,578 Vehicle electronic system and vehicle
22 8,150,445 Base station and wireless communication system
23 8,150,225 Optical fiber mounting waveguide device and method for fabricating same
24 8,150,141 Defect classifier using classification recipe based on connection between rule-based and example-based classifiers
25 8,150,079 Personal digital assistant and stereo reproduction method
26 8,149,973 Clock recovery circuit
27 8,149,868 Interface board and optical transmission equipment
28 8,149,689 Communication system having route redundancy
29 8,149,681 Combination type optical disk medium, its reproduction method and optical disk apparatus
30 8,149,678 Diffraction grating, optical pickup and optical disc device
31 8,149,669 Optical disk apparatus and a focus-jumping control method thereof
32 8,149,663 Multilayer-optical-disc data-erasure method and optical disc apparatus
33 8,149,658 Method of erasing data from optical disc
34 8,149,549 Magnetoresistive head including magnetoresistive effect film of fixed layer, non-magnetic layer, insulating barrier layer and free layer, and magnetic recording device with magnetoresistive head
35 8,149,548 Magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof
36 8,149,544 Hard disk drive with recessed actuator joint
37 8,149,541 System for controlling contact location during TFC touchdown and methods thereof
38 8,149,535 Magnetic and encapsulation contamination control for disk drives
39 8,149,396 Defect inspection apparatus and its method
40 8,149,395 Apparatus and method for inspecting pattern
41 8,149,393 Personal identification system
42 8,149,371 Liquid crystal display device with grounded by thermocompression bonding tape
43 8,149,367 Liquid crystal display device
44 8,149,354 Liquid crystal display device
45 8,149,345 Transflective liquid crystal display device
46 8,149,184 Plasma display device
47 8,148,980 Magnetic resonance imaging system and method
48 8,148,898 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing plasma display panel
49 8,148,896 Organic electroluminescent display device and method of repairing a defective pixel of the device
50 8,148,865 Permanent magnet rotating electrical machine and permanent magnet rotating electrical machine system
51 8,148,814 Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising a plurality of semiconductor chips mounted to stack for transmitting a signal between the semiconductor chips
52 8,148,726 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
53 8,148,705 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects of patterns formed on a hard disk medium
54 8,148,695 Nuclear medical diagnosis apparatus
55 8,148,682 Method and apparatus for pattern position and overlay measurement
56 8,148,271 Substrate processing apparatus, coolant gas supply nozzle and semiconductor device manufacturing method
57 8,148,268 Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method
58 8,148,224 Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
59 8,148,204 Circuit connection structure, method for producing the same and semiconductor substrate for circuit connection structure
60 8,147,941 Multi-information-layer recording medium and manufacturing process
61 8,147,737 Storage container, method for molding resin, and method for forming plating film
62 8,147,234 Imprint apparatus and method for fine structure lithography
63 8,147,145 Journal bearing device
64 8,146,691 Travel drive system for work vehicle, work vehicle, and travel drive method
65 8,146,463 Screw driver
66 8,146,443 Rotating body dynamic quantity measuring device and system