Hitachi patents granted on 03 August 2010

76 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE41,472 Communication method of supplying information in intelligent network and apparatus therefor
2 7,770,009 Digital signing method
3 7,769,969 Method of monitoring status information of remote storage and storage subsystem
4 7,769,968 Storage control system
5 7,769,952 Storage system for controlling disk cache
6 7,769,921 Storage apparatus and data transfer method
7 7,769,881 Method and apparatus for peer-to peer access
8 7,769,833 Network system
9 7,769,721 Data recovery method in differential remote backup for a NAS system
10 7,769,525 Apparatus and method for controlling a homogeneous charge compression-ignited internal-combustion engine
11 7,769,511 Vehicle control apparatus having event management unit
12 7,769,506 Driver assistance system controller and driver assistance control method for vehicles
13 7,769,257 Optical transmission system and signal speed converting apparatus
14 7,769,124 Natural circulation boiling water reactor and handling method thereof
15 7,769,123 Inspection, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods for nuclear reactors
16 7,769,081 Transmission power control method for a wireless communication system
17 7,769,064 Laser diode control method, laser diode control device, and information recording/playback apparatus
18 7,769,058 Optical fiber laser
19 7,769,031 Virtual machine system and method of network communication between virtual machines
20 7,769,008 Multicast packet routing arrangements for group-membership handling
21 7,768,888 Method for discriminating the kind of optical disk and optical disk apparatus using the same
22 7,768,887 Information recording/reproducing apparatus and updating method of management information for optical disk medium
23 7,768,885 Method for evaluating optical recording medium, optical recording medium, and information-recording/reproducing apparatus
24 7,768,750 Cordless power tool
25 7,768,749 Tunnel MR head with long stripe height stabilized through side-extended bias layer
26 7,768,748 Magnetoresistive sensor with overlaid combined leads and shields
27 7,768,745 Shock improvement ramp for load/unload mechanism and magnetic disk drive
28 7,768,744 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with coplanar main pole and return poles and magnetic recording system
29 7,768,743 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with trailing shield having notch and throat height defined by nonmagnetic pad layer
30 7,768,742 Method and apparatus for providing a truncated profile probe for perpendicular recording
31 7,768,741 Magnetic write head design for reducing wide area track erasure
32 7,768,737 Servo information writing method, magnetic head tester and magnetic disk tester using the servo information writing method
33 7,768,729 Method, system, and computer program product for estimating adjacent track erasure risk by determining erase band width growth rates
34 7,768,685 Hologram optical element and surface light source device using the hologram optical element
35 7,768,635 Apparatus and method for inspecting defects
36 7,768,634 Defects inspecting apparatus and defects inspecting method
37 7,768,621 Manufacturing method for a liquid crystal display
38 7,768,614 Liquid crystal display device having particular electrodes in transmission region and in reflection region
39 7,768,594 Liquid crystal display device
40 7,768,480 Plasma display device and capacitive load driving circuit
41 7,768,344 Power circuit and power amplifier and base station device using the same
42 7,768,330 Logic circuit
43 7,768,291 Display device
44 7,768,268 Verification of a ground connection fabrication process for ESD resistors in magnetic heads
45 7,768,263 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
46 7,768,225 Servo control system for movable body, and laser drilling machine
47 7,768,224 Control apparatus for and control method of controlling motor for vehicle
48 7,768,188 Display device
49 7,768,172 Permanent magnet type electric rotary machine and compressor using the same
50 7,768,171 Rotor of permanent magnet rotating electric machine
51 7,768,158 Cylindrical linear motor and a vehicle using the same
52 7,768,066 Semiconductor device and electrical circuit device using thereof
53 7,767,997 Semiconductor device with solid electrolyte switching
54 7,767,961 Method for determining material interfacial and metrology information of a sample using atomic force microscopy
55 7,767,594 Semiconductor device producing method
56 7,767,336 Alkaline battery and method for producing the same
57 7,767,265 Microstructure, pattern medium and process for producing same
58 7,767,147 Substrate for transporting liquid, a system for analysis and a method for analysis
59 7,767,124 Method of treating polymer compound and treatment system for the same
60 7,767,076 Process and apparatus for treating heavy oil with supercritical water and power generation system equipped with heavy oil treating apparatus
61 7,767,054 Plasma processing apparatus
62 7,767,053 Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
63 7,766,838 Ultrasonic probe in body cavity
64 7,766,836 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, program for imaging an ultrasonogram, and method for imaging an ultrasonogram
65 7,766,733 Storage control apparatus equipped with a logic board for carrying out storage control
66 7,766,675 Connector
67 7,766,488 Projection type image display apparatus
68 7,766,487 Projection-type image display apparatus
69 7,766,232 Record management system and method to trace chemicals
70 7,766,214 Friction stir welding method
71 7,766,131 Disk brake
72 7,766,096 Electrical power tool
73 7,766,032 Fuel container for fuel cell
74 7,765,677 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head using a protective layer to prevent write pole consumption
75 7,765,676 Method for patterning a magnetoresistive sensor
76 7,765,675 CPP read sensors having constrained current paths made of lithographically-defined conductive vias and methods of making the same