Hitachi patents granted on 03 February 2009

42 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D585,716 Portable electric driver
2 7,487,400 Method for data protection in disk array systems
3 7,487,392 Data storage device, and method for rewriting data in nonvolatile memory
4 7,487,390 Backup system and backup method
5 7,487,328 Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
6 7,487,298 Disk array device, method for controlling the disk array device and storage system
7 7,487,290 Disk drive having real time performance improvement
8 7,487,162 Method and data processing system with data replication
9 7,487,049 Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
10 7,487,032 Engine control system
11 7,486,875 Method of recording multiple programs over a specified time period in separate program data files
12 7,486,603 Highly adaptive recording method and optical recording apparatus
13 7,486,497 Electrode for electric double layer capacitor, method for manufacturing same, electric double layer capacitor, and conductive adhesive
14 7,486,485 Perpendicular hard disk drive resistive against external magnetic field
15 7,486,484 Arm chamfer for comb type actuator in rotating disk storage device and carriage assembly
16 7,486,483 Rotating disk storage device with improved actuator arm
17 7,486,480 Head gimbal assembly method with solder fillet formed by laser irradiating a shaped solder mass
18 7,486,470 Hard disk drive vibration cancellation using adaptive filter
19 7,486,469 Minimizing a mechanical mode excitation utilizing a generated seek trajectory
20 7,486,467 Magnetic disk drive and method for registering defective sector using timing control of pattern writing
21 7,486,463 Power disturbance compensation
22 7,486,461 Magnetic disk device and read/write method
23 7,486,460 Disk drive with enhanced storage capacity increase ratio
24 7,486,458 Magnetic disk drive with diagnosis of error-correcting retries
25 7,486,457 Method and apparatus for predicting write failure resulting from flying height modulation
26 7,486,452 Optical pickup for use in optical disk device and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,486,363 Liquid crystal display device having first and second pixel electrodes overlapped to a counter electrode and connected to separate switching elements
28 7,486,351 Liquid crystal display apparatus
29 7,486,348 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,486,345 Liquid crystal display device
31 7,486,334 Image display system
32 7,486,238 Circular polarized wave antenna and method for designing same
33 7,485,980 Power converter for doubly-fed power generator system
34 7,485,946 Transistor epitaxial wafer and transistor produced by using same
35 7,485,858 Inspection method for semiconductor wafer and apparatus for reviewing defects
36 7,485,852 Mass analysis method and mass analysis apparatus
37 7,485,378 Magnetic thin film head
38 7,485,372 Multi-layer coating having excellent adhesion and sliding properties and production method thereof
39 7,485,266 Micro fluid chip
40 7,484,485 Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
41 7,484,481 Combustion-type power tool having switch protection arrangement
42 7,484,422 Mechanical-quantity measuring device