Hitachi patents granted on 03 January 2012

53 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D651,565 Portion of power module for power inverter
2 8,091,135 Computer system and virus-scan method
3 8,090,979 Information system and data transfer method
4 8,090,923 Storage system and control method for the same
5 8,090,893 Input output control apparatus with a plurality of ports and single protocol processing circuit
6 8,090,745 K-nearest neighbor search method, k-nearest neighbor search program, and k-nearest neighbor search device
7 8,090,416 Radio receiver circuit, radio transceiver circuit and calibration method thereof
8 8,090,269 Data transmission system and transmission code generating method for the same
9 8,090,261 Network system, optical line terminating apparatus, and optical network apparatus
10 8,090,190 Method and apparatus for reviewing defects
11 8,090,187 Pattern inspection method and its apparatus
12 8,090,100 Storage apparatus and data management method for changing keys of a logical volume and common resource
13 8,090,073 Nuclear power plant, method of replacement in the same and method of operating the same
14 8,090,036 Transmitter and carrier leak detection method
15 8,089,865 Multicast path management and protection
16 8,089,857 Communication equipment which receives OFDM signal, OFDM-based wireless communication system and method for receiving OFDM signal
17 8,089,845 Offset compensator and optical disc drive using the same
18 8,089,841 Reproducing signal measuring method, signal reproducing apparatus, and optical recording medium
19 8,089,835 Optical disc apparatus and tracking control method
20 8,089,829 Thermally assisted recording media and system
21 8,089,729 Slider with an air bearing surface and related topography
22 8,089,725 Magnetic head having a stepped or segmented wrap around shield and methods of formation thereof
23 8,089,723 Damping control in magnetic nano-elements using ultrathin damping layer
24 8,089,720 Hard-disk drive
25 8,089,718 Method and apparatus for increasing storage capacity of a hard disk drive
26 8,089,717 Data reproducing apparatus for improving data recording efficiency
27 8,089,714 Deterioration detection method of composite magnetic head and magnetic disk inspection apparatus
28 8,089,624 Cells for biochemical analysis, kit for biochemical analysis, and biochemical analyzer
29 8,089,614 Device for changing pitch between light beam axes, and substrate exposure apparatus
30 8,089,605 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,089,602 Display device with spacers having different heights and numbers
32 8,089,582 Liquid crystal display device comprising at least one groove having an end portion that stops short of the non-adjacent opposite side surfaces and extends in a direction perpendicular to the non-adjacent side surfaces
33 8,089,575 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
34 8,089,557 Video signal processing apparatus, video signal processing method and video display apparatus
35 8,089,487 Storage control device and storage system
36 8,089,478 Model simplification apparatus and program
37 8,089,450 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,089,439 Image display device
39 8,089,428 Flat panel display apparatus
40 8,089,295 Wafer level balanced capacitance design for magnetic heads
41 8,089,291 Electromagnetic wave generation source searching method and current probe used therefor
42 8,089,280 RF coil and MRI system
43 8,089,233 Physical quantity conversion sensor and motor control system using the same
44 8,089,067 Semiconductor device
45 8,088,475 Anti-reflecting membrane, and display apparatus, optical storage medium and solar energy converting device having the same, and production method of the membrane
46 8,088,326 Production method and production apparatus for polymer member
47 8,088,295 Diamond-like carbon (DLC) hardmask and methods of fabrication using same
48 8,088,247 Plasma processing apparatus
49 8,087,903 Hydraulic rotary machine
50 8,087,656 Cash handling system
51 8,087,556 Power tool
52 8,087,489 Articulated construction vehicle including a lever-operated electrical Control device
53 8,087,398 Fuel system for a direct injection internal combustion engine