Hitachi patents granted on 03 July 2012

61 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D663,040 Clinical analyzer
2 8,214,689 Disk array device and its control method
3 8,214,615 Control method of device in storage system for virtualization
4 8,214,613 Storage system and copy method
5 8,214,611 Storage subsystem and its data processing method, and computer system
6 8,214,606 Storage system and control method thereof
7 8,214,595 Storage system which utilizes two kinds of memory devices as its cache memory and method of controlling the storage system
8 8,214,587 Storage apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus
9 8,214,586 Apparatus and method for mirroring data between nonvolatile memory and a hard disk drive
10 8,214,559 Virtual machine system
11 8,214,508 Support apparatus, program, information processing system and support method
12 8,214,459 Portable terminal, information processing apparatus, content display system and content display method
13 8,214,333 Storage system for managing a log of access
14 8,214,166 Method and its system for calibrating measured data between different measuring tools
15 8,214,062 Plant control system and thermal power generation plant control system
16 8,213,945 Mobile communication system, and method for controlling channel connection and control station in mobile communication system
17 8,213,791 Communication light detecting device
18 8,213,630 Sound processing unit, sound processing system, audio output unit and display device
19 8,213,563 Control rod
20 8,213,562 Control rod blade extension for a nordic nuclear reactor
21 8,213,328 Communication information acquisition creation system, network switch, and network switch evaluation method
22 8,213,277 Servo controller and optical disk device
23 8,213,275 Object lens actuator and disc drive using the same
24 8,213,271 System, method and apparatus for internal polarization rotation for horizontal cavity, surface emitting laser beam for thermally assisted recording in disk drive
25 8,213,146 Semiconductor power conversion apparatus
26 8,213,132 Magnetic sensor having a physically hard insulation layer over a magnetic bias structure
27 8,213,131 Read sensors with improved orientation of the hard bias layer and having a nanocrystalline seed layer
28 8,213,128 Head-gimbal assembly including piezoelectric elements affixed to a deformable plate having a hole therein and affixed to a base plate wherein the base plate has projection members on front edges thereof
29 8,213,127 Microactuator, head gimbal assembly, and magnetic disk drive
30 8,213,124 Flex cable assembly for robust right angle interconnect
31 8,213,121 HGA suspension pad barrier for elimination of solder bridging defect
32 8,212,983 Liquid crystal display device
33 8,212,975 Liquid crystal display device
34 8,212,972 Display device with multilayer body having at least one layer of a gluing agent
35 8,212,970 Liquid crystal display and organic EL display
36 8,212,965 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,212,963 Liquid crystal display device comprising a diffuser board which includes a plurality of micro lenses
38 8,212,927 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method and video display apparatus
39 8,212,878 Calibration apparatus of on-vehicle camera, program, and car navigation system
40 8,212,801 Booster circuit and display device
41 8,212,652 Biometric authentication method, biometric authentication system, IC card, and terminal
42 8,212,649 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
43 8,212,615 Variable-gain amplifier circuit and wireless communication device integrated circuit equipped therewith
44 8,212,571 Vehicle power supply device
45 8,212,564 Open magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
46 8,212,382 Power conversion apparatus and electric vehicle
47 8,212,370 Resin paste for die bonding, containing a polyurethaneimide resin and thermosetting resin method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device, using the resin paste
48 8,212,271 Substrate for mounting an optical semiconductor element, manufacturing method thereof, an optical semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
49 8,212,268 Epitaxial wafer, light-emitting element, method of fabricating epitaxial wafer and method of fabricating light-emitting element
50 8,212,227 Electron beam exposure or system inspection or measurement apparatus and its method and height detection apparatus
51 8,212,224 Charged particle beam device
52 8,211,802 Substrate processing apparatus
53 8,211,798 Substrate treating apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
54 8,211,571 Artificial graphite particles and method for manufacturing same, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell negative electrode and method for manufacturing same, and lithium secondary cell
55 8,210,999 Roll for use in galvanizing pot
56 8,210,901 Method for producing ceramic-honeycomb-structure-molding die and method for producing ceramic honeycomb structure
57 8,210,687 Image displaying apparatus, and a method for adjusting vibrating condition of a reflection mirror in the image displaying apparatus
58 8,210,491 System for dampening the vibration experienced by a line
59 8,210,154 Variable valve actuation apparatus of internal combustion engine
60 8,210,141 Variable valve system of internal combustion engine
61 8,210,043 Ultrasonic measurement method, ultrasonic measurement apparatus, and ultrasonic sensor