Hitachi patents granted on 03 June 2014

58 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,745,744 Storage system and storage system management method
2 8,745,448 Storage system, storage control apparatus and method for failure recovery
3 8,745,426 Information processing apparatus and power saving memory management method with an upper limit of task area units that may be simultaneously powered
4 8,745,425 Computer system with blade system and management server
5 8,745,354 Computer system for resource allocation based on orders of proirity, and control method therefor
6 8,745,344 Storage system using thin provisioning pool and snapshotting, and controlling method of the same
7 8,745,342 Computer system for controlling backups using wide area network
8 8,745,275 Blade server apparatus
9 8,745,006 Computing system and backup method using the same
10 8,744,712 Drive control device for electric vehicle, and electric vehicle
11 8,744,702 Work vehicle control device
12 8,744,689 Drive controlling apparatus for a vehicle
13 8,744,656 Running control device for electric vehicle
14 8,744,608 Work management apparatus, picking carriage, work performance collection system, rework measurement system, workability management system, rework measurement measuring method, work performance collection method, workability management method and workability management program
15 8,744,456 Wireless communication method with packet scheduling
16 8,744,362 Base station
17 8,744,240 Video distribution system, information providing device, and video information providing method for distributing video to a plurality of receiving terminals
18 8,744,040 X-ray CT apparatus and method
19 8,744,039 X-ray CT apparatus
20 8,743,671 Method for adjusting recording condition, optical disc device, and information recording method
21 8,743,668 Objective lens drive device and optical pickup
22 8,743,593 Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory cell and magnetic random access memory using same
23 8,743,548 Electric circuit device, electric circuit module, and power converter
24 8,743,357 Light source device, surface inspecting apparatus using the device, and method for calibrating surface inspecting apparatus using the device
25 8,743,118 Medical image display device and medical image display method
26 8,742,886 Multi unit controller
27 8,742,866 Electromagnetic coupler and information communication device including same
28 8,742,759 High-frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging device
29 8,742,756 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of assisting setting of imaging parameter
30 8,742,728 System for controlling charging and discharging of lithium ion battery
31 8,742,704 AC motor control device and AC motor driving system
32 8,742,699 Charged particle beam generator, charged particle irradiation system, method for operating charged particle beam generator and method for operating charged particle irradiation system
33 8,742,375 Scanning electron microscope device, evaluation point generating method, and program
34 8,742,342 Electron microscope
35 8,742,332 Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry method
36 8,742,178 Process for synthesis of acrolein
37 8,741,783 Cleaning method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
38 8,741,731 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
39 8,741,480 Non-aqueous secondary battery comprising a polyvalent organic lithium salt
40 8,741,472 Electric storage device
41 8,741,441 Insulated wire
42 8,741,380 Fine metal structure, process for producing the same, fine metal mold and device
43 8,741,245 Carbon dioxide-absorbing solution and method of recovering carbon dioxide
44 8,741,218 Automatic analyzer
45 8,741,215 Heat-resisting steel for engine valves excellent in high temperature strength
46 8,741,166 Plasma etching method
47 8,741,063 Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
48 8,741,034 Exhaust gas treatment system with carbon dioxide chemical absorption equipment
49 8,740,799 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
50 8,740,742 Running device for dump truck
51 8,740,672 Power tool
52 8,740,594 Scroll compressor including seal member and guide ring
53 8,740,579 High-pressure fuel supply pump and discharge valve unit used therein
54 8,740,441 Backlight unit and image display using the same
55 8,740,011 Vacuum processing apparatus
56 8,739,781 Powder medicine administering apparatus
57 8,739,763 Fuel injector assembly
58 8,739,700 Screen printer including film suction mechanism and auxiliary stages