Hitachi patents granted on 03 March 2015

48 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D723,701 Light shielding sheet of a biological optical measuring instrument
2 8,973,081 Content receiver and content information output method
3 8,972,989 Computer system having a virtualization mechanism that executes a judgment upon receiving a request for activation of a virtual computer
4 8,972,988 Remote virtual machine migration port management device and system
5 8,972,911 Image processing device and computer program for performing image processing
6 8,972,823 Error correcting for improving reliability by combination of storage system and flash memory device
7 8,972,660 Disk subsystem and data restoration method
8 8,972,651 Storage system and storage method
9 8,972,226 Method for analyzing growth of void of resin in a porous material
10 8,972,140 Disc brake apparatus
11 8,972,121 Electromotive drive device for construction machine
12 8,972,095 Automatic guided vehicle and method for drive control of the same
13 8,972,044 Automated sample test system, and method for controlling same
14 8,972,036 Method of controlling substrate processing apparatus, maintenance method of substrate processing apparatus and transfer method performed in substrate processing apparatus
15 8,971,962 Distributed antenna system, base station device, and antenna selection control method
16 8,971,627 Template matching processing device and template matching processing program
17 8,971,607 X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstruction method
18 8,971,600 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and method for constructing distribution image of blood flow dynamic state
19 8,971,475 Plant with piping mounted on branch pipe and boiling water reactor plant
20 8,971,403 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
21 8,971,318 Relay communication apparatus and multistage relay communication system
22 8,971,277 Wireless communication system and receiving device
23 8,971,234 Radio system and radio communication method
24 8,971,150 Method for measuring sea waves by means of ultrasonic waves, as well as sea wave measuring system
25 8,971,079 Inverter device
26 8,970,836 Defect inspecting apparatus and defect inspecting method
27 8,970,730 Imaging apparatus for controlling and displaying flicker amounts
28 8,970,155 Power inverter
29 8,970,138 Particle beam irradiation system and method for operating the same
30 8,970,058 Wind power generation system, wind power generation control device and wind power generation control method
31 8,969,977 Flow sensor, method for manufacturing flow sensor and flow sensor module
32 8,969,828 Scanning electron microscope with a table being guided by rolling friction elements
33 8,969,801 Scanning electron microscope
34 8,969,707 Adhesive tape and solar cell module using the same
35 8,969,706 Adhesive tape and solar cell module using the same
36 8,969,211 Method and apparatus for plasma processing
37 8,968,691 Treatment method and treatment facilities of exhaust gas
38 8,968,547 Method for corium and used nuclear fuel stabilization processing
39 8,968,490 Ferromagnetic amorphous alloy ribbon with reduced surface protrusions, method of casting and application thereof
40 8,968,489 Ferromagnetic amorphous alloy ribbon with reduced surface defects and application thereof
41 8,968,200 Ultrasonic elastography for cross sectional tissue measurement method and apparatus
42 8,967,986 Scroll fluid machine having seal member with plural linear cut arrangement
43 8,967,927 Machine tool
44 8,967,338 Disc brake
45 8,967,310 Haulage vehicle
46 8,967,309 Construction machine
47 8,967,075 Inkjet coating device and inkjet coating method
48 8,967,058 Slag remover for discharging combustion residues of an incineration plant