Hitachi patents granted on 03 May 2011

60 US patents granted on 03 May 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D637,312 Portion of a holder for test tube
2 D637,311 Holder for test tube
3 D637,098 Semiconductor testing machine
4 7,937,766 Method and system for preventing simultaneous use of contents in different formats derived from the same content at a plurality of places
5 7,937,721 Optical disc apparatus including airflow cooling mechanism
6 7,937,615 Method for improving reliability of multi-core processor computer
7 7,937,614 Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
8 7,937,553 Controlling virtual memory in a storage controller
9 7,937,546 Data duplication control method
10 7,937,542 Storage controller and storage control method for accessing storage devices in sub-block units
11 7,937,527 Storage system for sending an access request from a host to a storage subsystem
12 7,937,513 Method for controlling storage system, and storage control apparatus
13 7,937,448 Remote copy with path selection and prioritization
14 7,937,437 Method and apparatus for processing a request using proxy servers
15 7,937,376 Method for changing configuration of servers in a shared-nothing database system
16 7,937,219 Steering assist system and vehicle mounted with the same
17 7,937,079 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
18 7,937,078 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
19 7,937,077 Electronic apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
20 7,936,992 Apparatus of adjusting optical signal transmission timing
21 7,936,991 Optical line terminating apparatus and optical communication system
22 7,936,983 Imaging device and apparatus installed with the same
23 7,936,935 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
24 7,936,934 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
25 7,936,905 Method, system and program for authenticating a user by biometric information
26 7,936,904 Image recognition device for vehicle and vehicle head lamp controller and method of controlling head lamps
27 7,936,864 Voice communication terminal, media server, and method for control of locking voice communication
28 7,936,822 Moving picture encoding method and decoding method
29 7,936,821 Moving picture encoding method and decoding method
30 7,936,761 Communication equipment, communication control equipment, and communication system
31 7,936,750 Packet transfer device and communication system
32 7,936,658 Photodetector, diffraction grating, optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
33 7,936,652 Optical disc apparatus
34 7,936,573 Bi-directional DC-DC converter and control method
35 7,936,570 Liquid crystal display device
36 7,936,566 Electronic control unit and waterproof case
37 7,936,560 Cooling device and electronic equipment including cooling device
38 7,936,536 Magnetic recording medium having lands with curved upper surfaces and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
39 7,936,533 System, method and apparatus for wall slot in disk drive bypass channel for enhanced voice coil motor cooling
40 7,936,436 Liquid crystal display device with orientation control projection having light shielding
41 7,936,433 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,936,429 Liquid crystal display device
43 7,936,422 Optical element and display device using the same
44 7,936,323 Liquid crystal display device
45 7,936,255 Group analysis system and group analysis equipment
46 7,936,100 Stator for rotating machine and rotating machine using the same
47 7,936,098 Rotary electric machine
48 7,935,927 Method and apparatus for observing a specimen
49 7,935,925 Charged particle beam scanning method and charged particle beam apparatus
50 7,935,615 III-V nitride semiconductor substrate and its production method
51 7,935,472 Photo-curable resin composition and a method for forming a pattern using the same
52 7,935,396 Liquid crystal display device
53 7,935,196 Soft magnetic ribbon, magnetic core, magnetic part and process for producing soft magnetic ribbon
54 7,934,969 Plasma display panel, and substrate assembly of plasma display panel
55 7,934,921 Apparatus, system, and method for guided growth of patterned media using monodisperse nanospheres
56 7,934,863 Liquid crystal display device
57 7,934,847 Power tool with light unit
58 7,934,716 Paper sheet separating and accumulating apparatus
59 7,934,419 Intake air mass flow measurement device
60 7,934,312 Production method of an electronic circuit device