Hitachi patents granted on 03 November 2015

39 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D742,446 Video camera
2 D742,339 Reaction tube
3 9,179,581 Power semiconductor device and power conversion device
4 9,178,930 Content receiving device, and content distribution system
5 9,178,617 Optical multilevel signal pre-equalization circuit, optical multilevel signal pre-equalization transmitter, and polarization-multiplexed pre-equalization transmitter
6 9,178,381 Storage battery control device, charging station, and storage battery control method
7 9,178,294 Printed circuit board and electronic device using printed circuit board
8 9,177,999 Non-volatile memory device and production method thereof
9 9,177,850 Substrate carrying mechanism, substrate processing apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
10 9,177,799 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and substrate manufacturing method of forming silicon carbide films on the substrate
11 9,177,786 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
12 9,177,775 Mass spectrometer
13 9,177,759 Processing apparatus and method using a scanning electron microscope
14 9,177,757 Charged particle beam apparatus
15 9,177,706 Method of producing an amorphous transformer for electric power supply
16 9,177,677 Underwater remote inspection device and method for underwater remote inspection
17 9,177,640 Multi-level recording in a superlattice phase change memory cell
18 9,177,628 Semiconductor device with low voltage programming/erasing operations
19 9,177,111 Systems and methods for protecting software
20 9,176,907 Semiconductor device and data processing system
21 9,176,881 Computer system and storage control method
22 9,176,858 Storage system configured to selectively utilize data compression based on real pool usage rates
23 9,176,806 Computer and memory inspection method
24 9,176,777 System for determining operating time of a computer to execute assigned tasks based on an amount of change per unit time of a stored electric power
25 9,176,502 Automatic guided vehicle and method for drive control of the same
26 9,176,156 Automatic analyzer including pressure sensor for washing solution
27 9,176,075 Contamination inspection method and contamination inspection device
28 9,176,037 Specimen processing system
29 9,175,593 Piston for internal combustion engine
30 9,175,456 Hydraulic control device for working vehicle
31 9,175,395 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
32 9,175,376 Method for producing surface-modified rare earth metal-based sintered magnet and surface-modified rare earth metal-based sintered magnet
33 9,175,346 Evaluation method for arteriosclerosis
34 9,175,035 Oligopeptide sequence specifically bonding to phenylboronic acid group
35 9,174,562 Transport vehicle
36 9,174,549 Driving force control device for electric vehicle
37 9,174,541 Halogen-free extra-high-voltage cable for railway rolling stock
38 9,174,288 Slidable miter saw with guiding mechanism
39 9,174,278 Substantially cylindrical powder compact and die assembly for compacting powder