Hitachi patents granted on 03 October 2006

70 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D529,578 Fuel canister dispensing valve
2 D529,401 Container for batteries
3 D529,317 Television stand
4 7,117,499 Virtual computer systems and computer virtualization programs
5 7,117,393 Failover method in a redundant computer system with storage devices
6 7,117,387 Method and apparatus for writing data and validating data in a recording medium
7 7,117,350 Information processing apparatus control method, information processing apparatus, and storage device control method
8 7,117,340 Storage system control method, storage system, and storage apparatus
9 7,117,336 Computer system for managing storage areas in a plurality of storage devices
10 7,117,331 Storage control system
11 7,117,329 Method of managing generation of backup data and storage control device used therefor
12 7,117,328 Non-volatile data storage system and data storaging method
13 7,117,327 Data processing system
14 7,117,314 Storage device and method for data sharing
15 7,117,276 Disk array device and method for controlling disk array device
16 7,117,249 Computer system and data sharing method between computers
17 7,117,228 Method for transforming data formats between different database systems, an apparatus for executing the method and the program of the method
18 7,117,223 Method of interpretation service for voice on the phone
19 7,117,181 Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
20 7,117,141 Disk array apparatus setting method, program, information processing apparatus and disk array apparatus
21 7,117,127 Monitoring device and monitoring method for vacuum device
22 7,117,123 Method of managing maintenance and maintenance managing apparatus
23 7,117,002 Mobile communication system and method having base station dependent mode and a direct mode
24 7,116,992 Mobile station using positional information
25 7,116,950 Direct-conversion transmitting circuit and integrated transmitting/receiving circuit
26 7,116,908 Optical transmission system for substantially equalizing the output signal level among frequency bands and substantially lowering the signal-to-noise ratio
27 7,116,893 Data recording/reproduction apparatus and method
28 7,116,817 Method and apparatus for inspecting a semiconductor device
29 7,116,816 Method of inspecting a pattern and an apparatus thereof and a method of processing a specimen
30 7,116,709 Communication method of contactless ID card and integrated circuit used in communication method
31 7,116,635 Process execution method and apparatus
32 7,116,620 System and method for controlling recording state transitions in an information recording apparatus
33 7,116,593 Storage device
34 7,116,586 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
35 7,116,578 Non-volatile memory device and data storing method
36 7,116,571 Semiconductor integrated circuit
37 7,116,534 Magnetoresistive head
38 7,116,532 Stability-enhancing underlayer for exchange-coupled magnetic structures, magnetoresistive sensors, and magnetic disk drive systems
39 7,116,530 Thin differential spin valve sensor having both pinned and self pinned structures for reduced difficulty in AFM layer polarity setting
40 7,116,523 Interconnect module for use in a suspension assembly
41 7,116,516 Magnetic head having write head with helical coil and method for fabrication thereof
42 7,116,510 Servo self-write disk drive with dual-stage actuator
43 7,116,509 Magnetic disk apparatus and servo signal recording method
44 7,116,508 Apparatus for locking a moveable part of a magnetic disk apparatus
45 7,116,507 Storage system having a power source state detection unit
46 7,116,438 Terminal for information processing
47 7,116,300 Drive circuit and image display apparatus
48 7,116,298 Active matrix display device
49 7,116,291 Image display and method of driving image display
50 7,116,288 Driving method of plasma display panel and display device
51 7,116,099 Angular position sensor and rotation control device
52 7,116,059 Display device and display panel device
53 7,115,919 Storage system for content distribution
54 7,115,892 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
55 7,115,877 Radiation detector, radiation detector element, and radiation imaging apparatus
56 7,115,863 Probe for scanning probe lithography and making method thereof
57 7,115,862 Mass spectroscope and method of calibrating the same
58 7,115,454 Thin film semiconductor device, polycrystalline semiconductor thin film production and process and production apparatus
59 7,115,329 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage device
60 7,115,094 Ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic imaging apparatus and ultrasonic imaging method
61 7,115,039 Contents distribution system for simulation ride system, distribution apparatus for ride contents administration center, simulation ride control apparatus and computer software
62 7,115,036 Universal coupling with an air bleeding passage that provides communication between the inside and outside of a boot
63 7,115,021 Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
64 7,114,591 Steering system for working truck
65 7,114,589 Control device for hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicle and hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicle
66 7,114,551 Liquid cooling module
67 7,114,394 Vibration test system and method for structures
68 7,114,326 System for diagnosing deterioration of catalyst
69 7,114,322 Gas-turbine power generating installation and method of operating the same
70 7,114,304 Friction stir welding member