Hitachi patents granted on 04 October 2011

66 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D646,398 Auto sampler for liquid chromatograph analyzer
2 D646,397 Portion of module for clinical laboratory automation system
3 8,032,786 Information-processing equipment and system therefor with switching control for switchover operation
4 8,032,775 Storage system
5 8,032,756 Information processing system
6 8,032,733 Apparatus and method for reallocating logical to physical disk devices using a storage controller with access frequency and sequential access ratio calculations and display
7 8,032,731 Virtualization system and area allocation control method
8 8,032,730 Method and apparatus for I/O priority control in storage systems
9 8,032,729 Computer system and management method for the transfer and replication of data among several storage devices
10 8,032,726 Remote copy system
11 8,032,712 Storage system for staging data in random access area
12 8,032,703 Storage apparatus and failure recovery method
13 8,032,689 Techniques for data storage device virtualization
14 8,032,606 Disk control unit and storage system
15 8,032,554 Stream data processing method and system
16 8,032,490 Storage system operable to perform LU auditing
17 8,032,332 Semiconductor inspecting apparatus
18 8,032,290 Control device for an internal combustion engine
19 8,032,202 Function image display method and device
20 8,032,201 Magnetic resonance imaging device
21 8,032,075 Broadcast radio system
22 8,031,978 Method and apparatus of image processing to detect edges
23 8,031,803 Transmitter capable of suppressing peak of transmission signal
24 8,031,716 Communicating method between IPv4 terminal and IPv6 terminal and IPv4-IPv6 converting apparatus
25 8,031,565 Optical pickup and optical information reproduction system
26 8,031,561 Joint design of thermally-assisted magnetic recording head and patterned media for high optical efficiency
27 8,031,546 Semiconductor device
28 8,031,481 Structure for mounting printed board and nuclear medicine diagnosis system
29 8,031,442 Magnetic head having CPP sensor with improved biasing for free magnetic layer
30 8,031,440 Coil support structure and magnetic disk drive
31 8,031,437 Disk drive device
32 8,031,434 Hybrid, self aligned magnetic write head with a partially plated pole and method of producing same
33 8,031,432 Magnetic write head having helical coil with a fin structure for reduced heat induced protrusion
34 8,031,430 System, method, and apparatus for lightweight spoiler wing design for de-populated disk drives
35 8,031,421 Method for measuring optimum seeking time and inspection apparatus using the same
36 8,031,316 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,031,305 Transflective liquid crystal display comprising a polarizing layer disposed between a reflective layer and an electrode group, and the reflective layer is an upper layer of a TFT in the reflection area
38 8,031,299 Display device
39 8,031,230 Recorded content display program and recorded content display apparatus
40 8,031,154 Display device
41 8,031,144 Image display
42 8,030,995 Power circuit used for an amplifier
43 8,030,924 Magnetic resonance imaging system
44 8,030,812 Rotating electric apparatus and method for connecting stator coils thereof
45 8,030,784 Semiconductor nanoparticle surface modification
46 8,030,682 Zinc-blende nitride semiconductor free-standing substrate, method for fabricating same, and light-emitting device employing same
47 8,030,668 Semiconductor LED, opto-electronic integrated circuits (OEIC), and method of fabricating OEIC
48 8,030,614 Charged particle beam apparatus and dimension measuring method
49 8,030,611 Mass spectrometer, method of mass spectrometry and program for mass spectrometry
50 8,030,599 Substrate processing apparatus, heating device, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
51 8,030,041 Process for producing pellets entrapping and immobilizing microorganisms
52 8,029,952 Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
53 8,029,934 Lithium secondary battery
54 8,029,911 Adhesive for circuit connection, circuit connection method using the same, and circuit connected structure
55 8,029,874 Plasma processing apparatus and method for venting the same to atmosphere
56 8,029,744 Method of liquid droplet formation and transport apparatus therefor and particle manipulating apparatus
57 8,029,701 Mixed conductive powder and use thereof
58 8,029,637 System, method and apparatus for ultraviolet curing of adhesives with light beam shaping in disk drive manufacturing
59 8,029,626 Method for producing soft magnetic powdered core
60 8,029,230 Turbine exhaust system and method for modifying the same
61 8,028,989 Paper stacking apparatus
62 8,028,653 System, method and apparatus for filament and support used in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for reducing carbon voids on media disks in disk drives
63 8,028,652 Batch-type remote plasma processing apparatus
64 8,028,402 Connection board, and multi-layer wiring board, substrate for semiconductor package and semiconductor package using connection board, and manufacturing method thereof
65 8,028,400 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head
66 8,028,399 Magnetic write pole fabrication