Hitachi patents granted on 04 September 2007

31 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,266,807 Method for integration edition of setting file and setting file integration base
2 7,266,718 Computer system for recovering data based on priority of the data
3 7,266,659 Memory device system, storage device, and log recording method
4 7,266,654 Storage system, server apparatus, and method for creating a plurality of snapshots
5 7,266,644 Storage system and file-reference method of remote-site storage system
6 7,266,564 Control system and method for management items
7 7,266,235 Pattern inspection method and apparatus
8 7,266,223 Personal identification device and method
9 7,266,165 Code distinguishing apparatus
10 7,266,098 Wireless position measurement method and wireless position measurement system
11 7,266,090 Address autoconfiguration method for home network
12 7,266,060 Optical disk apparatus and a sliding drive mechanism for an optical pickup thereof
13 7,265,951 Hard bias structure with enhanced Hc
14 7,265,948 Magnetoresistive element with oxide magnetic layers and metal magnetic films deposited thereon
15 7,265,946 Multilayer self-pinned structure for CPP GMR
16 7,265,942 Inductive magnetic head with non-magnetic seed layer gap structure and method for the fabrication thereof
17 7,265,941 Self-aligned, notched trailing shield for perpendicular recording
18 7,265,921 Method to increase the amount of customer data on a hard disk drive
19 7,265,795 Video signal processing circuit, video display apparatus, and video display method
20 7,265,345 Ion-mobility spectrometer and ion-mobility analysis method
21 7,265,304 Joystick for electro-hydraulic control system
22 7,264,871 Health promoting appliance
23 7,264,750 Rare earth silicate single crystal and process for production of rare earth silicate single crystals
24 7,264,710 Process and apparatus for treating heavy oil with supercritical water and power generation system equipped with heavy oil treating apparatus
25 7,264,535 Run-to-run control of backside pressure for CMP radial uniformity optimization based on center-to-edge model
26 7,264,528 Substrate assembly for gas discharge panel, process for manufacturing the same, and gas discharge panel
27 7,264,181 Fuel injection valve with restriction wall, and internal combustion engine equipped therewith
28 7,264,156 Method of enhancing the data storage security of cash-free transactions in vending machines
29 7,263,957 Evaluation method of diagnostic function for variable valve mechanism and evaluation apparatus for variable valve mechanism
30 7,263,830 Master cylinder
31 7,263,762 Method for reducing pole height loss in the formation of a write pole for a magnetic write head