Hitachi patents granted on 05 April 2016

44 US patents granted on 05 April 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,307,666 Electric circuit device, electric circuit module, and power converter
2 9,306,874 Network relay system and switching device
3 9,306,845 Communication system and network relay device
4 9,306,472 Power supply device operating switching elements of first and second switching legs to charge first and second capacitors to a voltage higher than a voltage crest value of an AC power supply and method of operating the power supply device
5 9,306,332 Connector and wire harness
6 9,306,214 Lithium ion battery
7 9,306,177 Organic light-emitting layer material, coating liquid for use in forming organic light-emitting layer with organic material, organic light-emitting device produced with coating liquid, light source apparatus with organic light-emitting device, and methods for manufacture thereof
8 9,306,080 Optical wiring substrate, manufacturing method of optical wiring substrate and optical module
9 9,306,047 Semiconductor device and electric power converter in which same is used
10 9,306,020 Power module and method of manufacturing the power module
11 9,305,820 Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
12 9,305,803 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
13 9,305,745 Scanning electron microscope
14 9,305,744 Measuring method, data processing apparatus and electron microscope using same
15 9,305,679 Vinyl chloride resin composition, electric wire and cable
16 9,305,673 Systems and methods for harvesting and storing materials produced in a nuclear reactor
17 9,305,587 Optical disc device
18 9,305,585 Recording device
19 9,305,484 Capacitive-load driving circuit and plasma display apparatus using the same
20 9,305,343 Observation device and observation method
21 9,305,072 Information storage system and data replication method thereof
22 9,305,043 Stream data anomaly detection method and device
23 9,305,011 Method for improving mean time to data loss (MTDL) in a fixed content distributed data storage
24 9,304,918 Computer system and cache control method
25 9,304,842 Computer system, control method for computer system and coupling module
26 9,304,828 Hierarchy memory management
27 9,304,821 Locating file data from a mapping file
28 9,304,797 Creating and deploying virtual machines to a virtual machine apparatus based on tendency of usage, deployment results, and setting information of virtual machine clients
29 9,304,794 Virtual machine control method and virtual machine system using prefetch information
30 9,304,710 Storage system and data transfer method of storage system
31 9,304,695 Access route switching method in disk array system
32 9,304,380 Projection type display apparatus for displaying an image
33 9,304,161 Solar power generation system, abnormality detection method, and abnormality detection system
34 9,304,145 Inspection method and its apparatus for thermal assist type magnetic head element
35 9,304,113 Heat-resistant ultrasonic sensor and installation method thereof
36 9,304,004 Map update server, map update system, and car navigation system
37 9,303,656 Axial compressor
38 9,303,512 Vane pump
39 9,303,389 Construction machine
40 9,302,700 Torque sensor and power steering system using the torque sensor
41 9,302,482 Inkjet printing device
42 9,302,271 Ion mobility separation device
43 9,302,226 Salt filtration system and method of removing a radioactive material from a gas using the same
44 9,302,121 Particle therapy system