Hitachi patents granted on 05 August 2008

47 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,409,605 Storage system
2 7,409,591 Method and system for managing programs for web service system
3 7,409,588 Method and system for data processing with high availability
4 7,409,583 Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
5 7,409,553 Public key certificate generation method, validation method and apparatus thereof
6 7,409,551 Certificate validity authentication method and apparatus
7 7,409,515 Method for exchanging data between volumes of storage system
8 7,409,514 Method and apparatus for data migration based on a comparison of storage device state information
9 7,409,508 Disk array system capable of taking over volumes between controllers
10 7,409,507 Difference bit map management method, storage apparatus, and information processing system
11 7,409,496 Storage management system, storage management server, and method and program for controlling data reallocation
12 7,409,492 Storage system using flash memory modules logically grouped for wear-leveling and RAID
13 7,409,486 Storage system, and storage control method
14 7,409,414 Computer system, management computer, storage system, and backup management method
15 7,409,324 Design support system
16 7,409,275 Vehicle diagnostic system
17 7,409,255 Module evaluation method and system
18 7,408,935 Packet forwarding apparatus with a flow detection table
19 7,408,760 Charged particle beam application system
20 7,408,749 CPP GMR/TMR structure providing higher dR
21 7,408,747 Enhanced anti-parallel-pinned sensor using thin ruthenium spacer and high magnetic field annealing
22 7,408,741 Magnetic disk slider having improved inclination margins in a rolling direction
23 7,408,738 Magnetic recording system with improved magnetic shield
24 7,408,737 Apparatus of performing self-servo write using a helium environment
25 7,408,733 Magnetic disk drive and magnetic disk medium
26 7,408,732 Shock resistant, high reliability rotating magnetic storage device and method
27 7,408,731 Track allocation method of disk drive
28 7,408,687 Beam shaping prior to harmonic generation for increased stability of laser beam shaping post harmonic generation with integrated automatic displacement and thermal beam drift compensation
29 7,408,609 Active-matrix liquid crystal display
30 7,408,599 Backlight assembly comprising a support member corresponding to a hole in a printed circuit board and display device having the same
31 7,408,544 Level converter circuit and a liquid crystal display device employing the same
32 7,408,500 Automotive radar
33 7,408,323 Frequency converter, motor, motor drive system and maintenance method for motor drive system
34 7,408,298 Image display device
35 7,408,287 Film bulk acoustic wave resonator, film bulk acoustic wave resonator filter and method of manufacturing film bulk acoustic wave resonator
36 7,408,197 Organic light-emitting display device
37 7,408,172 Charged particle beam apparatus and charged particle beam irradiation method
38 7,408,155 Measuring method and its apparatus
39 7,408,154 Scanning electron microscope, method for measuring a dimension of a pattern using the same, and apparatus for correcting difference between scanning electron microscopes
40 7,408,153 Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
41 7,407,853 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
42 7,407,846 Thin film transistor, display device and their production
43 7,407,834 Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
44 7,407,727 Electrode used for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery used the same for a negative electrode
45 7,407,579 Method and apparatus for treating ammonium-containing liquid
46 7,406,946 Method and apparatus for attenuating fuel pump noise in a direct injection internal combustion chamber
47 7,406,935 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine