Hitachi patents granted on 05 July 2011

39 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,975,275 Object lens actuator and disc drive using the same
2 7,975,168 Storage system executing parallel correction write
3 7,975,123 Computer system, management computer and storage system, and storage area allocation amount controlling method
4 7,975,118 Storage system and data rearrangement method
5 7,975,116 Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
6 7,975,113 Memory control device and method for controlling the same
7 7,975,076 Data processing system for keeping isolation between logical partitions
8 7,974,830 Tape management method and tape management system
9 7,974,671 Living body information signal processing system combining living body optical measurement apparatus and brain wave measurement apparatus and probe device used for the same
10 7,974,607 Electronic device having limiting mode functions
11 7,974,581 Transmitter
12 7,974,572 Broadcast receiver and processing program thereof
13 7,974,316 Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
14 7,974,269 Mobile communication control method and mobile communication system
15 7,974,101 Power converter
16 7,974,047 Current perpendicular to plane differential magnetoresistance read head design using a current confinement structure proximal to an air bearing surface
17 7,974,037 Techniques for providing DC-free detection of DC equalization target
18 7,973,922 Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus
19 7,973,920 Apparatus and method for inspecting defects
20 7,973,882 Liquid crystal display device
21 7,973,744 Display device
22 7,973,573 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
23 7,973,423 On-vehicle electric power source system
24 7,973,405 Integrated circuit for driving semiconductor device and power converter
25 7,973,320 Organic semiconductor light-emitting device and display using same
26 7,973,282 Charged particle beam apparatus and dimension measuring method
27 7,973,125 Method of evaluating polymide dissolution rate, method of producing polymide, and polymide obtained using same methods
28 7,972,979 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
29 7,972,920 Semiconductor memory device and a method of manufacturing the same, a method of manufacturing a vertical MISFET and a vertical MISFET, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
30 7,972,886 Method of manufacturing micro electro mechanical systems device
31 7,972,742 Tube type fuel cell to decrease current path length
32 7,972,491 Method for imparting hydrogen resistance to articles
33 7,972,450 High resistance magnet and motor using the same
34 7,972,285 Motor function measuring sensor, motor function measuring apparatus, and motor function analyzing apparatus
35 7,972,269 Ultrasonographic device and ultrasonographic method
36 7,971,767 Driving machine
37 7,971,604 Flow controller delivery of a specified-quantity of a fluid
38 7,971,480 Mass flow controller having a first pair of thermal sensing elements opposing a second pair of thermal sensing elements
39 7,971,479 Fluid flow rate measurement apparatus