Hitachi patents granted on 05 June 2012

59 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE43,443 Leadframe semiconductor integrated circuit device using the same, and method of and process for fabricating the two
2 8,196,179 Storage controller for controlling access based on location of controller
3 8,196,054 On-site system building support tool
4 8,196,034 Computer system and method for reducing power consumption of storage system
5 8,196,011 Error detection and correction circuit and semiconductor memory
6 8,195,960 Content data management system and method
7 8,195,913 Data storage control on storage devices
8 8,195,904 Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage device
9 8,195,902 Method of improving efficiency of replication monitoring
10 8,195,900 Method which utilizes a power saving function of a storage system by using pair operation information
11 8,195,874 Storage apparatus and method for shredding storage medium
12 8,195,865 Computer system having an expansion device for virtualizing a migration source logical unit
13 8,195,859 Techniques for managing processor resource for a multi-processor server executing multiple operating systems
14 8,195,800 Computer resource distribution method based on prediction
15 8,195,777 System and method for adding a standby computer into clustered computer system
16 8,195,353 Guide robot device and guide system
17 8,195,351 Electric vehicle with pitch control device
18 8,195,312 Multi-mode control loop with improved performance for mass flow controller
19 8,195,183 Call admission priority control determination device and mobile wireless communication system
20 8,194,969 Method and apparatus for visual inspection
21 8,194,815 Apparatus and system for dampening the vibration experienced by an object
22 8,194,746 Moving picture signal coding method, decoding method, coding apparatus, and decoding apparatus
23 8,194,523 Optical disc apparatus and optical disc reproducing method
24 8,194,512 Head structure for thermally-assisted recording (TAR) disk drive
25 8,194,415 Backlight device and liquid crystal display device
26 8,194,356 Head-stack assembly including heat-dissipation and impedance-matching structure and hard-disk drive using the head-stack assembly
27 8,194,347 Designed roughness and surface treatments for capillary buffer of fluid dynamic bearings
28 8,194,203 Liquid crystal display device
29 8,194,151 Image pickup apparatus
30 8,194,064 Image display device
31 8,194,048 Liquid crystal display device
32 8,194,005 Method of driving plasma display device
33 8,193,989 Antenna apparatus
34 8,193,810 MRI apparatus with RF surface coil having at least three resonance frequencies
35 8,193,763 Battery apparatus, battery control apparatus, and motor drive unit
36 8,193,697 Light-emitting element and display device using same
37 8,193,494 Transmission electron microscope and method for observing specimen image with the same
38 8,193,493 Charged particle beam apparatus
39 8,193,455 Graphene electronics fabrication
40 8,193,451 Polyamide-imide resin insulating varnish and insulated wire using the same
41 8,193,101 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method for forming film
42 8,193,083 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
43 8,193,003 Method and system for detection of biomaterials using magnetic marker
44 8,192,970 Pellets containing immobilized Sphingomonas bacterium FERM-BP-10448 for treating waste water
45 8,192,916 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and method for producing printed wiring board
46 8,192,900 Advanced phase shift lithography and attenuated phase shift mask for narrow track width d write pole definition
47 8,192,871 Lithium secondary battery and production method of the same
48 8,192,637 Method and apparatus for imprinting microstructure and stamper therefor
49 8,192,249 Systems and methods for polishing a magnetic disk
50 8,192,230 Wire harness and method of manufacturing the same
51 8,192,144 Compressor and heat pump system
52 8,192,031 Projection type display apparatus for displaying an image
53 8,191,810 Crusher
54 8,191,697 Spring clutch mechanism in screw driver
55 8,191,692 Cylinder apparatus
56 8,191,405 Solvent delivery device and analytical system
57 8,191,404 Liquid chromatograph and sample introducing apparatus
58 8,191,377 Heat source apparatus and method of starting the apparatus
59 8,191,374 Two-shaft gas turbine