Hitachi patents granted on 06 August 2013

59 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D687,563 Solid-phase extraction cartridge
2 D687,475 Electron microscope
3 8,505,025 Method and apparatus for recording web application process
4 8,504,904 Validating objects in a data storage system
5 8,504,861 Data processing system having power capping function in response to output state of power supply module
6 8,504,830 Transfer data management system for internet backup
7 8,504,797 Method and apparatus for managing thin provisioning volume by using file storage system
8 8,504,780 Computer, computer system, and data communication method
9 8,504,765 Method of improving efficiency of capacity of volume used for copy function and apparatus thereof
10 8,504,764 Method and apparatus to manage object-based tiers
11 8,504,762 Flash memory storage device with data interface
12 8,504,648 Method and apparatus for storage-service-provider-aware storage system
13 8,504,632 Electronic apparatus, presence communication system, and computer-readable recording medium
14 8,504,594 Memory management method, and memory management apparatus
15 8,504,544 File transmission system for controlling transmission of files between a server and a client
16 8,504,311 Method and mass flow controller for enhanced operating range
17 8,504,212 Controller and control techniques for windfarm
18 8,504,202 Autonomous mobile robot apparatus and a rush-out collision avoidance method in the same apparatus
19 8,503,891 Multirate burst mode receiver
20 8,503,888 Optical communication module and optical communication device
21 8,503,887 Pre-equalized optical transmitter and pre-equalized optical transmission system
22 8,503,836 Wavelength domain optical switch
23 8,503,746 Medical image processing device, medical image processing method, and medical image processing program
24 8,503,595 Data judgment/phase comparison circuit
25 8,503,325 Packet transfer device and packet transfer method
26 8,503,295 Base station and access control method for cellular wireless communication
27 8,503,274 Optical disc device that operates with a reduced current consumption after a power-on reset, and method thereof
28 8,503,273 Optical disc device and recording method
29 8,503,209 Power conversion apparatus and cooling structure therefor
30 8,502,966 Surface defect inspection method and apparatus
31 8,502,938 Liquid crystal display device
32 8,502,935 Liquid crystal display device comprising a light guide plate with a light radiation portion and a light incident portion joined by a joint surface and having an inclined surface and projecting portions
33 8,502,802 Display device
34 8,502,425 Totally enclosed motor
35 8,502,404 Wind power generating system and control method for the same
36 8,502,145 Electron microscope system and method for evaluating film thickness reduction of resist patterns
37 8,502,144 Tool-to-tool matching control method and its system for scanning electron microscope
38 8,502,141 Graphical user interface for use with electron beam wafer inspection
39 8,501,870 Thermosetting resin composition of semi-IPN composite, and varnish, prepreg and metal clad laminated board using the same
40 8,501,625 Polishing liquid for metal film and polishing method
41 8,501,608 Method for processing semiconductor device
42 8,501,599 Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
43 8,501,392 Photosensitive element, method for formation of resist pattern, and method for production of print circuit board
44 8,501,299 Conductive paste, multilayer ceramic substrate and its production method
45 8,501,279 Flexible laminate board, process for manufacturing of the board, and flexible print wiring board
46 8,501,045 Circuit connecting material, film-form circuit connecting material using the same, circuit member connecting structure and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,500,912 Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
48 8,500,881 Carbon dioxide capture power generation system
49 8,500,840 Cordierite-based ceramic honeycomb filter and its production method
50 8,500,475 Harness connector
51 8,500,397 Seals in steam turbine
52 8,500,285 Projection type display apparatus
53 8,500,213 Electrically Actuated Booster
54 8,499,934 Package structure with a flat display unit packed therein and package structure for packing a flat display unit
55 8,499,786 Mass flow controller with enhanced operating range
56 8,499,732 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
57 8,499,730 Two cycle engine and two cycle engine tool
58 8,499,541 Method for starting premixed combustion in combustor for two-shaft gas turbine
59 8,499,527 Building construction method and room module