Hitachi patents granted on 06 December 2011

53 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE42,993 Liquid crystal driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
2 RE42,987 Nail gun with safety portion mechanism for preventing misfires
3 8,074,293 Defective product inspection apparatus, probe positioning method and probe moving method
4 8,074,237 Optical disk device including buffer mechanism for buffering elastic deformation of the optical pickup side of a disk motor plate
5 8,074,196 Integrated circuit design support apparatus, integrated circuit design support method, integrated circuit design support program, and recording medium with said program recorded therein
6 8,074,108 Storage controller and storage control method
7 8,074,106 Storage control device and RAID group extension method
8 8,074,099 Failure recovery method, failure recovery program and management server
9 8,074,098 Control method for information processing system, information processing system, and program
10 8,074,091 Storage apparatus for power saving and achieving longest mean time between failures
11 8,074,090 Storage system including plurality of storage apparatuses
12 8,074,071 Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and display apparatus
13 8,074,036 Data processing system having first, second and third storage systems that are arranged to be changeable between a first status and a second status in response to a predetermined condition at the first storage system
14 8,074,032 Storage controller, storage control system, and storage control method
15 8,073,938 Information processing apparatus and method of operating the same
16 8,073,901 Information update method and information update system
17 8,073,823 Database management program
18 8,073,600 Controller of field winding type synchronous motor, electric drive system, electric four wheel driving vehicle, and hybrid automobile
19 8,073,484 Mobile terminal device, remote notification method and recording medium
20 8,073,465 Reciever, frequency deviation measuring unit and positioning and ranging system
21 8,073,462 Communication system for selecting communication method
22 8,073,420 Sensor net management method
23 8,073,415 Tunable receiving apparatus and method therefor
24 8,073,381 Radio communication system and base station
25 8,073,312 Recorder equipped with dubbing function
26 8,073,242 SEM system and a method for producing a recipe
27 8,073,219 Nucleic acid analyzing apparatus
28 8,073,142 Information recording/reproducing device and information recording medium
29 8,072,850 Optical information recording apparatus
30 8,072,760 Power inverter
31 8,072,713 Magnetic reading head and magnetic recording apparatus
32 8,072,709 Flex cable for a hard disk drive having an interrogation trace
33 8,072,597 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
34 8,072,436 Screen input-type image display system
35 8,072,405 Liquid crystal display device
36 8,072,404 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,071,992 Semiconductor light-emitting device
38 8,071,961 Charged particle beam apparatus
39 8,071,477 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
40 8,071,465 Method for producing semiconductor chip with adhesive film, adhesive film for semiconductor used in the method, and method for producing semiconductor device
41 8,071,446 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
42 8,071,397 Semiconductor fabricating apparatus with function of determining etching processing state
43 8,071,228 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
44 8,071,183 Display apparatus
45 8,071,025 Automatic analyzer
46 8,070,992 Mold cleaning sheet and method of producing semiconductor devices using the same
47 8,070,880 Substrate processing apparatus
48 8,070,554 Distributed shunt structure for lapping of current perpendicular plane (CPP) heads
49 8,070,344 Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
50 8,070,238 Electro mechanical brake, control device
51 8,069,718 Thermal flowmeter
52 8,069,652 Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
53 8,069,646 Gas turbine system having an air intake bypass system and an air discharge bypass system