Hitachi patents granted on 06 March 2012

81 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D655,422 Identification labeler module for clinical laboratory automation system
2 D655,341 Adhesive tape
3 D655,320 Engine cover for construction machine
4 D655,255 Boat of wafer processing apparatus
5 D655,245 DC-AC inverter
6 8,132,217 Control device, reproduction system, and program
7 8,132,192 Optical disk apparatus
8 8,132,063 Semiconductor device
9 8,132,033 Storage system
10 8,132,025 Management method for archive system security
11 8,131,963 Remote copy system
12 8,131,962 Storage system and method of producing recovery volume
13 8,131,958 Storage system, storage device, and data updating method using a journal volume
14 8,131,956 Virtual storage system and method for allocating storage areas and releasing storage areas from allocation based on certain commands
15 8,131,927 Fast accessible compressed thin provisioning volume
16 8,131,922 Storage system
17 8,131,920 Method and system for dynamically allocating read and write sequence randomizer
18 8,131,892 Storage apparatus and a data management method employing the storage apparatus
19 8,131,863 Address translator, message processing method and equipment
20 8,131,855 Management computer, resource management method, resource management computer program, recording medium, and information processing system
21 8,131,783 Storage system, volume management method, and management computer
22 8,131,682 System and method for replacing contents addressable storage
23 8,131,679 Exclusive control method for database and program
24 8,131,675 Map data delivering device, communication terminal, and map delivering method
25 8,131,428 Control module for seat belt retractor and seat belt retractor
26 8,131,400 Adaptive on-tool mass flow controller tuning
27 8,131,388 Electronic controller for power converter and motor drive circuit
28 8,131,299 Location registration area assigning method and wireless communication system
29 8,131,226 Multi-band-high-frequency circuit, multi-band high-frequency circuit component and multi-band communication apparatus using same
30 8,131,155 Optical signal transmission apparatus
31 8,131,059 Defect inspection device and defect inspection method for inspecting whether a product has defects
32 8,131,058 Method and apparatus for visual inspection
33 8,130,794 Video signal transmission device, video signal transmission and receiving system, and video processing system, that transmit/receive over a clock line
34 8,130,787 High-frequency circuit device, and communications apparatus comprising same
35 8,130,716 Radio base station and scheduling method
36 8,130,690 Communication system and gateway
37 8,130,613 Optical disc apparatus and reproduction control method
38 8,130,610 Optical disc recording method and optical disc recorder
39 8,130,602 Optical disk drive
40 8,130,598 Head for thermal assisted magnetic recording device, and thermal assisted magnetic recording device
41 8,130,575 Semiconductor device
42 8,130,521 On-vehicle charging generator and rectifier unit thereof
43 8,130,515 Bi-directional DC-DC converter and method for controlling the same
44 8,130,497 Blade server
45 8,130,474 CPP-TMR sensor with non-orthogonal free and reference layer magnetization orientation
46 8,130,472 Head support for a magnetic disk device
47 8,130,470 Suspension assembly including a limiter having a gross length larger than a between-coupling-portions distance between coupling portions
48 8,130,468 System and apparatus for patterned media with reduced magnetic trench material
49 8,130,463 Data recording apparatus and data recording method
50 8,130,430 Holographic storage device and method using phase conjugate optical system
51 8,130,284 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling white balance
52 8,130,230 Display device
53 8,130,172 Plasma display device and processing method thereof
54 8,130,055 High-frequency device and high-frequency circuit used therein
55 8,129,925 Terminal device and computer-readable storage medium
56 8,129,902 Organic EL display device comprising moisture diffusion reduction banks structure
57 8,129,851 Wind power generation system and control method thereof
58 8,129,802 Integrated micro electro-mechanical system and manufacturing method thereof
59 8,129,724 Display device including first, second, and third semiconductor films
60 8,129,707 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
61 8,129,705 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,129,685 Fluorescent material, scintillator using same, and radiation detector using same
63 8,129,680 Charged particle beam apparatus including aberration corrector
64 8,129,674 Mass spectrometric analyzer
65 8,129,467 Curing accelerating compound-silica composite material, method for producing curing accelerating compound-silica composite material, curing accelerator, curable resin composition, and electronic component device
66 8,129,439 Aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition-producing method, aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition, and porous substance-producing method using same and porous substance, insulated electric cable-producing method, insulated electric cable and coaxial cable
67 8,129,283 Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
68 8,129,051 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
69 8,129,043 System, method and apparatus for strain-assisted magnetic recording for controlling switching field and tightening switching field distribution in bit patterned media
70 8,128,891 Automated analyzer
71 8,128,863 Iron core annealing furnace
72 8,128,830 Labeling an imprint lithography template
73 8,128,798 Liquid transfer device
74 8,128,796 Analyzer
75 8,128,758 R-Fe-B microcrystalline high-density magnet and process for production thereof
76 8,128,351 Seals in steam turbine
77 8,128,333 Substrate processing apparatus and manufacturing method for semiconductor devices
78 8,127,650 Miter saw
79 8,127,549 Burner and gas turbine combustor
80 8,127,541 Working fluid cooling control system for construction machine
81 8,127,435 Electronic component mounting apparatus