Hitachi patents granted on 06 May 2008

57 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D568,239 Battery pack
2 7,370,229 Storage system and setting method for storage configuration information
3 7,370,228 Data processing system and copy processing method thereof
4 7,370,222 External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
5 7,370,149 Connection support method for disk array device
6 7,370,147 Disk array device and control method therefor
7 7,370,142 Command control method in network storage system
8 7,370,104 Computer system managing an access to a storage system
9 7,370,099 Cluster computing system and its failover method
10 7,370,029 Method of changing system configuration in shared-nothing database management system
11 7,369,925 Vehicle failure diagnosis apparatus and in-vehicle terminal for vehicle failure diagnosis
12 7,369,914 Method for projecting build progression for a product in a manufacturing environment
13 7,369,908 Method for manufacturing product formed with a plurality of parts and method for combining parts
14 7,369,768 Optical access system
15 7,369,703 Method and apparatus for circuit pattern inspection
16 7,369,406 Disk array apparatus
17 7,369,374 Current in plane magnetoresistive sensor having a contiguous hard bias layer located at back edge of stripe height
18 7,369,373 CPP GMR with hard magnet in stack bias layer
19 7,369,371 Magnetoresistive sensor having a shape enhanced pinned layer
20 7,369,351 Magnetic disk drive and read/write method to reduce read error rate
21 7,369,349 Data storage device with heater, and control method therefor involving different control modes
22 7,369,339 Failure prediction method for magnetic disk devices, and a magnetic disk device using the same
23 7,369,223 Method of apparatus for detecting particles on a specimen
24 7,369,205 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,369,183 Image display apparatus
26 7,369,130 Method and apparatus for editing image data, and computer program product of editing image data
27 7,369,069 Semiconductor device
28 7,369,042 Warning device for vehicles
29 7,368,905 System, method, and apparatus for use of micro coils within a single slider test nest
30 7,368,843 Commutator motor
31 7,368,842 Armature windings and dynamo-electric machine using the same
32 7,368,763 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,368,759 Semiconductor light-emitting device
34 7,368,729 Method, apparatus and system for specimen fabrication by using an ion beam
35 7,368,713 Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device
36 7,368,238 Method for manufacturing a DNA probe array
37 7,368,185 Perpendicular magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
38 7,368,182 Hard coating and its formation method, and hard-coated tool
39 7,367,932 Centrifuge including a rotating chamber having a bowl and a cylinder
40 7,367,917 Shift change control system and automatic transmission system of automobile
41 7,367,870 Polishing fluid and polishing method
42 7,367,760 Power tool
43 7,367,717 Optical transmission module
44 7,367,374 Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of display device
45 7,367,354 Check valve
46 7,367,315 Throttle valve control apparatus of internal combustion engine and automobile using the same
47 7,367,310 Controller for compression ignition engine
48 7,367,254 Cutter with laser generator that irradiates cutting position on workpiece to facilitate alignment of blade with cutting position
49 7,367,192 Combined cycle plant
50 7,367,187 Electrically actuated brake booster
51 7,367,178 Gas turbine system
52 7,367,135 Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
53 7,367,117 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
54 7,367,112 Method of fabricating a head for perpendicular magnetic recording with a self-aligning side shield structure
55 7,367,111 Method for producing a spin valve transistor with stabilization
56 7,367,110 Method of fabricating a read head having shaped read sensor-biasing layer junctions using partial milling
57 7,367,109 Method of fabricating magnetic sensors with pinned layers with zero net magnetic moment