Hitachi patents granted on 06 November 2007

52 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,293,294 Method and apparatus for using contents
2 7,293,194 Method and device for switching database access part from for-standby to currently in use
3 7,293,147 Storage system controlling exclusion/priority for I/O access
4 7,293,144 Cache management controller and method based on a minimum number of cache slots and priority
5 7,293,140 Method for controlling storage policy according to volume activity
6 7,293,139 Disk array system generating a data guarantee code on data transferring
7 7,293,131 Access to disk storage using file attribute information
8 7,293,092 Computing system and control method
9 7,293,068 Method and system for storing duplicate data
10 7,293,050 Remote copy system
11 7,292,897 Multiplexing control system and multiplexing method therefor
12 7,292,896 Multiplexing control system and multiplexing method therefor
13 7,292,851 Communication support system, information processing terminal, radiotelephone network, message server, and recording medium
14 7,292,785 Optical transmission system constructing method and system
15 7,292,532 Traffic shaping apparatus and traffic shaping method
16 7,292,519 Optical head with lasers and mirrors in a recess formed in a substrate
17 7,292,496 Semiconductor memory circuit
18 7,292,417 Magnetic apparatus with perpendicular recording medium and head having multilayered reproducing element using tunneling effect
19 7,292,416 CPP magneto resistive head with decreased variation in asymmetry and output
20 7,292,408 Bilayer coil insulation for magnetic write heads to minimize pole recession
21 7,292,407 Disk drive with support structure for disk-vibration capacitive sensors
22 7,292,401 System and method for determining head-disk contact in a magnetic recording disk drive by magnetoresistive signal amplitude
23 7,292,327 Circuit-pattern inspection apparatus
24 7,292,299 Liquid crystal display apparatus
25 7,292,215 Liquid crystal display device
26 7,292,212 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,292,127 Transformer
28 7,292,040 Split type NMR superconductive magnet device and NMR apparatus for solution analysis with different current directions and a permanent current switch
29 7,292,035 NMR.ESR antennas and spectrometers using these
30 7,291,994 System and method for establishing spindle motor current during cold temperature operation of HDD
31 7,291,973 Organic El display having auxiliary electrodes formed adjacent light extraction layer
32 7,291,966 Display device
33 7,291,956 Laminate coil and brushless motor using same
34 7,291,878 Ultra low-cost solid-state memory
35 7,291,786 Differential signal transmission cable
36 7,291,409 Magnetic recording medium using magnetic powder having a core portion and an outer layer portion including a rare earth element and magnetic recording cassette
37 7,291,279 Method of making a read sensor while protecting it from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage
38 7,291,019 IC card
39 7,291,018 IC card
40 7,290,995 Tandem type trochoid pump and method of assembling the same
41 7,290,973 Automatic storage system
42 7,290,944 Board assembly, optical transceiver using same and method for mounting same on object
43 7,290,638 Electric power steering system
44 7,290,529 Spark advance controller and production machine of spark advance control logic in internal combustion engine
45 7,290,528 Exhaust gas recirculation device for internal combustion engine
46 7,290,481 Oscillating type compressor
47 7,290,437 Sensor node for impact detection
48 7,290,324 Method for fabricating a magnetic head including a media heating element
49 RE39,908 Secondary battery power storage system
50 D554,755 X-ray imaging apparatus
51 D554,734 Fuel canister
52 D554,551 Main part for biochemical analyzer