Hitachi patents granted on 06 October 2009

40 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D601,499 Portions of capacitor module for power inverter
2 7,600,092 Configuration management apparatus and method
3 7,600,089 Storage apparatus for asynchronous remote copying
4 7,600,087 Distributed remote copy system
5 7,600,072 Performance reporting method considering storage configuration
6 7,600,047 Disk control unit and storage system
7 7,599,910 Method and system of database divisional management for parallel database system
8 7,599,890 Content data storage
9 7,599,801 Profile database and method for preparing profile
10 7,599,775 Operation information control device and system for a construction machine
11 7,599,682 Method of implementing multi-party conference service by using broadcast/multicast service of a wireless communications system
12 7,599,660 Base station apparatus and control method for controlling channel density
13 7,599,606 Recording medium and method for reproducing information therefrom
14 7,599,545 Method and its apparatus for inspecting defects
15 7,599,523 Personal identification device and method
16 7,599,271 Optical disk apparatus
17 7,599,267 Writing method and optical disk device
18 7,599,157 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with high-resistivity amorphous ferromagnetic layers
19 7,599,153 Method and apparatus providing a stabilized top shield in read head for magnetic recording
20 7,599,151 Magnetic head with laminated side shields
21 7,599,148 Apparatus and method for integral filter and bypass channel in a hard disk drive
22 7,599,076 Method for optically detecting height of a specimen and charged particle beam apparatus using the same
23 7,599,054 Pattern inspection apparatus
24 7,599,031 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,599,027 Transflective liquid crystal display device
26 7,598,929 Plasma display apparatus
27 7,598,755 Probe navigation method and device and defect inspection device
28 7,598,668 Organic semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
29 7,598,605 Semiconductor device having capacitive insulation means and communication terminal using the device
30 7,598,497 Charged particle beam scanning method and charged particle beam apparatus
31 7,598,491 Observing method and its apparatus using electron microscope
32 7,598,490 SEM-type reviewing apparatus and a method for reviewing defects using the same
33 7,597,960 Functional infrared fluorescent particle
34 7,597,843 Nickel based superalloys with excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
35 7,597,829 Injection molding method and apparatus
36 7,597,737 Method for producing steel ingot
37 7,597,407 Motor-driven brake system
38 7,597,195 Method for packaging a photosensitive film roll, resin case therefor, method for recovering and reusing the case, and photosensitive film roll package and method for conveying the same
39 7,597,012 System and method for using a spray/liquid particle count (LPC) to measure particulate contamination
40 7,596,854 Method of fabrication for read head having shaped read sensor-biasing layer junctions using partial milling