Hitachi patents granted on 07 April 2009

44 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,516,463 Electronic apparatus
2 7,516,353 Fall over method through disk take over and computer system having failover function
3 7,516,351 Distributed testing apparatus and host testing apparatus
4 7,516,294 Logical partitioning method for storage system
5 7,516,199 Storage device managing system, method and program
6 7,516,189 Information transmission method and host device
7 7,516,133 Method and apparatus for file replication with a common format
8 7,516,080 Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
9 7,516,021 Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body, method and program
10 7,515,991 Self-propelled cleaning device and method of operation thereof
11 7,515,980 Sound outputting apparatus and sound outputting method
12 7,515,832 Optical transmission equipment and integrated circuit
13 7,515,810 Video access method and video access apparatus
14 7,515,809 Heat-resisting plastic optical fiber and manufacturing method thereof
15 7,515,760 Multiple picture-data compression system
16 7,515,689 X-ray measuring instrument
17 7,515,422 Electric power converter
18 7,515,384 Method and apparatus for providing a three stepped air bearing having a funnel structure for controlling air flow to improve fly height performance
19 7,515,381 Method for fabricating a side shield for a flux guide layer for perpendicular magnetic recording
20 7,515,380 Magnetic head and method for production therefor
21 7,515,153 Map generation device, map delivery method, and map generation program
22 7,515,118 Plasma display device
23 7,514,996 Distortion compensation amplifying apparatus
24 7,514,905 Battery management system
25 7,514,784 Electronic circuit device and production method of the same
26 7,514,780 Power semiconductor device
27 7,514,689 Radiological imaging apparatus with current regulated units, imaging apparatus with bed, imaging apparatus with opening and closing units, and power supply unit
28 7,514,683 Scanning electron microscope
29 7,514,377 Plasma generator, ozone generator, substrate processing apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
30 7,514,162 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with metamagnetic antiferromagnetically-coupled layer between the soft underlayer and recording layer
31 7,514,161 Laminated antiferromagnetically coupled media with decoupled magnetic layer
32 7,514,016 Methodology of chemical mechanical nanogrinding for ultra precision finishing of workpieces
33 7,513,984 Capillary array electrophoresis apparatus
34 7,513,960 Stainless steel having a high hardness and excellent mirror-finished surface property, and method of producing the same
35 7,513,409 Friction stir welding method and structure body
36 7,513,389 Electronic component feeding device and electronic component mounting apparatus with electronic component feeding device
37 7,513,317 Impact tool with vibration control mechanism
38 7,513,240 High pressure fuel pump provided with damper
39 7,513,229 Apparatus for and method of controlling variable valve mechanism
40 7,513,194 Screen mask
41 7,513,155 Inertial sensor
42 7,513,110 Control apparatus of construction machine and method for calculating input torque
43 7,513,070 Work support and management system for working machine
44 7,513,030 Method of assembling an actuator arm system for a hard disk