Hitachi patents granted on 07 December 2010

75 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,849,442 Application requirement design support system and method therefor
2 7,849,330 Apparatus and method for secure data disposal
3 7,849,306 Relay method of encryption communication, gateway server, and program and program memory medium of encryption communication
4 7,849,304 System and method for on-line diagnostics
5 7,849,285 Method for scheduling of storage devices
6 7,849,282 Filesystem building method
7 7,849,280 Storage system and power consumption reduction method, and information processing apparatus
8 7,849,278 Logical partition conversion for migration between storage units
9 7,849,271 System and method for intrusion protection of network storage
10 7,849,265 Avoiding use of an inter-unit network in a storage system having multiple storage control units
11 7,849,264 Storage area management method for a storage system
12 7,849,260 Storage controller and control method thereof
13 7,849,258 Storage apparatus and data verification method for the same
14 7,849,237 Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor device with the same
15 7,849,236 Control equipment with communication apparatus
16 7,849,227 Stream data processing method and computer systems
17 7,849,168 Network switching apparatus, server system and server migration method for server system
18 7,849,132 Information processor and information processing system
19 7,849,129 System and method for preventing throughput depression in power saving NAS system
20 7,849,058 Storage system determining execution of backup of data according to quality of WAN
21 7,848,963 Automatic auction method and system on server-client system
22 7,848,869 Controller of internal combustion engine of compression ignition combustion type
23 7,848,837 Method and apparatus for monitoring the quality of a machining operation
24 7,848,766 Wireless terminal position detecting method and system therefor
25 7,848,745 Radio access point testing method and testing apparatus
26 7,848,714 Radio frequency circuit apparatus and radio frequency module
27 7,848,648 Optical network equipment and optical network
28 7,848,646 Optical, network, node apparatus and method for recovery path fault
29 7,848,614 Viewing program control method and video recording apparatus
30 7,848,611 Storage system and digital broadcasting system
31 7,848,563 Method and apparatus for inspecting a defect of a pattern
32 7,848,405 Communication system
33 7,848,342 Multicast accounting control system and broadband access server
34 7,848,321 Method for high speed search tables switching and packet forwarding apparatus
35 7,848,190 Optical disc apparatus switching focus point between layers
36 7,848,118 Bi-directional DC-DC converter and method for controlling the same
37 7,848,065 Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic hard bias with high coercivity
38 7,848,064 Enhanced anti-parallel-pinned sensor using thin ruthenium spacer and high magnetic field annealing
39 7,848,061 Current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with back flux guide
40 7,848,060 Integrated servo and read EMR sensor
41 7,848,058 Voice coil damper
42 7,848,054 Perpendicular magnetic write head having a corner notched conformal, wrap-around, trailing magnetic shield for reduced adjacent track interference
43 7,848,053 Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
44 7,848,048 Patterned media magnetic recording disk drive with write clock phase adjustment for write head track misregistration
45 7,848,047 Patterned media magnetic recording disk drive with write clock phase adjustment for data pattern circumferential misalignment
46 7,848,040 Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with amplitude-type servo fields having patterned alternating-polarity servo islands for read/write head positioning
47 7,848,039 Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with patterned phase-type servo fields for read/write head positioning
48 7,848,037 Media defect removal in disk drive head testing
49 7,847,928 Inspection device and inspection method
50 7,847,927 Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
51 7,847,912 LCD device with plural fluorescent tube backlight for a rectangular curved display surface of a radius of from two to four times as large as the length of the short-side of the rectangular display region
52 7,847,908 Liquid crystal display device
53 7,847,876 Display device having impact resistant frame with recesses along corner parts
54 7,847,816 Imaging apparatus
55 7,847,771 Display device capable of adjusting divided data in one frame
56 7,847,630 Amplifier
57 7,847,555 MRI apparatus with high-resistance magnet
58 7,847,549 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
59 7,847,546 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
60 7,847,462 Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
61 7,847,460 Yoke-integrated bonded magnet and magnet rotator for motor using the same
62 7,847,456 Permanent magnet electrical rotating machine, wind power generating system, and a method of magnetizing a permanent magnet
63 7,847,427 Wind turbine generator system
64 7,847,313 Group III-V nitride-based semiconductor substrate and group III-V nitride-based light emitting device
65 7,847,249 Charged particle beam apparatus
66 7,846,998 Sealant epoxy-resin molding material, and electronic component device
67 7,846,568 Power supply and control method therefor
68 7,846,567 Magnetic disk for hard disk drives
69 7,846,565 Perpendicular magnetic recording disk drive with patterned disk having capping layer for suppression of surface diffusion of trench material
70 7,846,563 Perpendicular magnetic recording exchange-spring type medium with a lateral coupling layer for increasing intergranular exchange coupling in the lower magnetic layer
71 7,846,305 Method and apparatus for increasing uniformity in ion mill process
72 7,845,616 Inductive rotation angle sensor and motor-driven airflow control device using the same
73 7,845,463 Low-noise machine package
74 7,845,367 Lock device for operation pattern selecting valve
75 7,845,260 Miter saw