Hitachi patents granted on 07 March 2006

58 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,010,725 Method and apparatus for getting dump of a computer system
2 7,010,718 Method and system for supporting network system troubleshooting
3 7,010,660 Management method and a management system for volume
4 7,010,659 Method for setting up disk-array device, computer-readable storage medium, and information processing device
5 7,010,653 Data storage device, command queue re-ordering method, and data processing method and program
6 7,010,650 Multiple data management method, computer and storage device therefor
7 7,010,623 External storage subsystem
8 7,010,583 Transport system
9 7,010,569 Method of information display and communication system using the method
10 7,010,519 Method and system for expanding document retrieval information
11 7,010,493 Method and system for time-based storage access services
12 7,010,447 Method for inspecting defect and system therefor
13 7,010,430 Method for displaying gene experiment data
14 7,010,403 Construction machine management system, and construction machine
15 7,010,378 Component and material traceability control apparatus, control method, control program, and control program memory medium
16 7,010,374 Method for controlling semiconductor processing apparatus
17 7,010,065 Method and apparatus for word synchronization with large coding distance and fault tolerance for PRML systems
18 7,009,950 Mobile IP network system and connection switching method
19 7,009,923 Method of and apparatus for recording information
20 7,009,890 Non-volatile semiconductor memory array and method of reading the same memory array
21 7,009,862 Semiconductor device
22 7,009,821 Ferromagnetic tunnel junction element exhibiting high magnetoresistivity at finite voltage and tunnel magnetoresistive head provided therewith, magnetic head slider, and magnetic disk drive
23 7,009,816 Head support mechanism and magnetic disk device
24 7,009,815 Disk drive with spring provided in groove of voice coil holder to electrically connect voice coil with flexible printed circuit
25 7,009,813 Apparatus and method of configuring the air bearing surfaces of sliders in disk drives for producing high temperatures in thermally-assisted recordings
26 7,009,812 Magnetic transducer for perpendicular magnetic recording with single pole write head with trailing shield
27 7,009,809 Clamp retention apparatus for rotational disk drive components
28 7,009,801 Method and apparatus for dynamically establishing roll static attitude in hard disk drive
29 7,009,795 System and method for correcting for head tilt in HDD
30 7,009,774 Microlens array, a method for making a transfer master pattern for microlens array, a concave and convex pattern obtained from the transfer master pattern, a laminate for transfer, a diffuse reflection plate and a liquid crystal display device
31 7,009,766 Transmissive screen and rear projection type image display apparatus using same
32 7,009,715 Method and apparatus for determining endpoint of semiconductor element fabricating process and method and apparatus for processing member to be processed
33 7,009,714 Method of dry etching a sample and dry etching system
34 7,009,664 Liquid crystal display device with organic protective film which structure connecting around sealing material
35 7,009,586 Method for driving plasma display panel
36 7,009,535 Resolver/digital converter and control apparatus using the same
37 7,009,532 DVD recording method and rewritable DVD apparatus
38 7,009,401 Battery apparatus and method for monitoring battery state of a secondary battery
39 7,009,316 Electric rotary machine
40 7,009,279 Semiconductor device configured for suppressed germanium diffusion from a germanium-doped regions and a method for fabrication thereof
41 7,009,246 Semiconductor device
42 7,009,243 Semiconductor memory device
43 7,009,233 Semiconductor integrated circuit device including dummy patterns located to reduce dishing
44 7,009,205 Image display device using transistors each having a polycrystalline semiconductor layer
45 7,009,192 Charged particle beam application apparatus
46 7,009,178 Scanning electron microscope
47 7,009,130 Switching device
48 7,008,550 Method for forming a read transducer by ion milling and chemical mechanical polishing to eliminate nonuniformity near the MR sensor
49 7,008,284 Method of manufacturing a plasma display panel
50 7,007,854 Method of checking authenticity of sheet with built-in electronic circuit chip
51 7,007,675 Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine and fuel transfer tube
52 7,007,667 Cold start fuel control system
53 7,007,666 Electronically controlled throttle device
54 7,007,505 Refrigerating device
55 7,007,374 Method of making a magnetic head
56 7,007,373 Method of manufacturing enhanced spin-valve sensor with engineered overlayer
57 RE39,001 Laser cutting method for forming magnetic recording head sliders
58 D516,557 Monitor for a computer