Hitachi patents granted on 07 October 2008

45 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,434,241 Recording and reproducing apparatus of thin optical disc
2 7,434,238 Optical disc apparatus
3 7,434,095 Data reconstruction method and system wherein timing of data of data reconstruction is controlled in accordance with conditions when a failure occurs
4 7,434,057 System and method for watermarking in accessed data in a storage system
5 7,434,017 Storage system with virtual allocation and virtual relocation of volumes
6 7,433,944 Network, server, and storage policy server
7 7,433,934 Network storage virtualization method and system
8 7,433,777 Engine protection system and method for construction machine
9 7,433,757 Chemical substance total management system, storage medium storing chemical substance management program and chemical substance total management method
10 7,433,578 Information recording device, information reproduction device, information recording method, information reproduction method, information recording program, information reproduction program, and information recording medium
11 7,433,542 Method for measuring line and space pattern using scanning electron microscope
12 7,433,508 Pattern inspection method and its apparatus
13 7,433,506 Method of measuring a biomagnetic field, method of analyzing a measured biomagnetic field, method of displaying biomagnetic field data, and an apparatus therefor
14 7,433,493 Abnormal behavior detector
15 7,433,411 Receiver, CPU and decoder with improved signal decoding
16 7,433,403 Pulse width modulation method for a power converter
17 7,433,371 Optical cross connect apparatus and network
18 7,433,301 Method of transferring packets and router device therefor
19 7,433,284 Method for controlling tilt servo in optical disc device
20 7,433,163 Seedlayer for high hard bias layer coercivity
21 7,433,162 Magnetoresistive sensor with antiferromagnetic exchange-coupled structure formed by use of chemical-ordering enhancement layer
22 7,433,157 Method and apparatus for reducing solder pad size in an electrical lead suspension (ELS) to decrease signal path capacitive discontinuities
23 7,433,121 Projection type image display apparatus
24 7,433,069 Image transmission method and its apparatus
25 7,433,012 Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
26 7,432,997 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,432,897 Liquid crystal display device for displaying video data
28 7,432,882 Driving circuit for plasma display panel using offset waveform
29 7,432,832 Information processing apparatus and information processing system
30 7,432,712 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
31 7,432,705 Magnetic shields and instruments for measuring biomagnetic fields
32 7,432,681 Scanner system
33 7,432,628 Generator and method of manufacturing same
34 7,432,617 Uninterruptible power system
35 7,432,503 Scanning electron microscope and method for detecting an image using the same
36 7,432,216 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,432,108 Computerized method and apparatus for analyzing amino acids
38 7,432,016 Electrode for non-aqueous secondary battery and non-aqueous secondary battery using the same
39 7,431,893 Process and apparatus for continuous polycondensation
40 7,431,792 Method and apparatus for placing conductive balls
41 7,431,233 Tape cartridge
42 7,431,205 Banknote receipt and payout apparatus
43 7,431,187 Nailer
44 7,430,921 Apparatus for measuring a mechanical quantity
45 7,430,920 Apparatus for measuring a mechanical quantity