Hitachi patents granted on 08 December 2015

42 US patents granted on 08 December 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D745,193 Lid for opening portion of free access floor panel
2 9,210,834 Power converter
3 9,210,435 Video encoding method and apparatus for estimating a code amount based on bit string length and symbol occurrence frequency
4 9,210,388 Laser source module and scanning image display device equipped with such module
5 9,210,343 Imaging device
6 9,210,013 Fast generalized decision feedback equalizer precoder implementation for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission systems
7 9,209,737 Power converter
8 9,209,519 Electromagnetic wave propagation apparatus and electromagnetic wave interface
9 9,209,432 Secondary battery and method for producing the same
10 9,209,312 Oxide semiconductor target and oxide semiconductor material, as well as semiconductor device using the same
11 9,209,171 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing same, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
12 9,209,128 Integrated circuit assembly with cushion polymer layer
13 9,209,044 Metal-resin composite, method for producing the same, busbar, module case, and resinous connector part
14 9,209,015 Substrate processing apparatus
15 9,208,995 Charged particle beam apparatus
16 9,208,994 Electron beam apparatus for visualizing a displacement of an electric field
17 9,208,990 Phase plate and electron microscope
18 9,208,960 Electrode for vacuum circuit breaker, and vacuum interrupter using the electrode
19 9,208,909 Systems and methods for retaining and removing irradiation targets in a nuclear reactor
20 9,208,908 Method of repairing shroud support and repair apparatus thereof
21 9,208,720 Organic electroluminescence displaying apparatus which suppresses a defective display caused by a leak current at a time when an emission period controlling transistor is off
22 9,208,630 Paper-slip handling device and automated transaction device
23 9,208,582 Image analyzing system and method
24 9,208,184 System design support apparatus and system design supporting method
25 9,208,067 Storage system and storage control method that compress and store data elements
26 9,208,037 Duplexed operation processor control system, and duplexed operation processor control method
27 9,208,035 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and reproducing method, and data library apparatus
28 9,208,029 Computer system to switch logical group of virtual computers
29 9,207,939 Performing shadowing function by virtual machine manager in two-level virtual machine environment
30 9,207,929 Integrated system and firmware update method
31 9,207,700 Solar power system and control system
32 9,207,235 Nucleic acid analyzer, reaction device for nucleic acid analysis and substrate of reaction device for nucleic acid analysis
33 9,207,152 Pretreatment apparatus and mass analyzing apparatus equipped with the same
34 9,206,931 Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
35 9,206,876 Damping force control type shock absorber
36 9,206,705 Sealing device and gas turbine having the same
37 9,206,690 Variable displacement pump
38 9,206,462 Device for bacteria classification and pretreatment device for bacteria test
39 9,205,770 Dump truck
40 9,205,382 Carbon dioxide separation system
41 9,205,381 Method for dewatering water-containing organic substance
42 9,205,300 Training system