Hitachi patents granted on 08 June 2010

66 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,735,040 Method for designing cell layout of a semiconductor integrated circuit with logic having a data flow
2 7,734,957 Highly reliable storage system and internal network thereof
3 7,734,919 Telephone having authentication function and telephone system
4 7,734,913 Content transmission control device, content distribution device and content receiving device
5 7,734,893 Method for speeding up page table address update on virtual machine
6 7,734,870 Storage subsystem and storage system
7 7,734,865 Storage system using flash memory modules logically grouped for wear-leveling and raid
8 7,734,782 Method and system for controlling computer in system
9 7,734,638 File system updating metadata of files according to results of keyword search
10 7,734,616 Storage system having means for acquiring execution information of database management system
11 7,734,422 Method for evaluating DNA probes position on substrate
12 7,734,318 Foldable portable information processing device for displaying plural images
13 7,734,178 Passive optical network system, optical line terminal, and optical network unit
14 7,734,143 Image processing apparatus capable of adjusting image quality by using moving image samples
15 7,734,082 Defect inspection method
16 7,734,006 X-ray CT apparatus
17 7,733,859 Apparatus and method for packet forwarding in layer 2 network
18 7,733,791 Communication path monitoring system
19 7,733,760 Optical pickup having radially arranged lenses in a low profile construction
20 7,733,759 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
21 7,733,748 Optical disk apparatus method for compensating recording power for the same
22 7,733,614 Magneto-resistive head having a stable response property without longitudinal biasing and method for manufacturing the same
23 7,733,606 Thin film magnetic head with thermal flying height control pads located at both ends of all pads series on slider side plane
24 7,733,601 Hard disk drive adapted to prevent release of strain between voice coil motor and base
25 7,733,599 Structure to prevent deformation of magnetic disk device housing
26 7,733,591 Data storage device with data recovery process using fixed phase clocking for analog-to-digital conversion
27 7,733,589 Alternate cylinder table to improve adjacent track interference problem
28 7,733,578 Objective lens design method, lens, and optical system, optical head, and optical disc apparatus using the same
29 7,733,475 Defect inspecting apparatus
30 7,733,474 Defect inspection system
31 7,733,473 Inspection apparatus and inspection method
32 7,733,455 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,733,449 Liquid crystal display
34 7,733,373 System and method of network-linked digital terrestrial television broadcasting
35 7,733,318 Display device and method for adjusting a voltage for driving a display device
36 7,733,309 Image display apparatus
37 7,733,302 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
38 7,733,092 Magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
39 7,733,090 Magnetic field generator
40 7,733,066 Power generation apparatus using AC energization synchronous generator and method of controlling the same
41 7,732,996 Piezoelectric thin film device
42 7,732,958 Turbogenerator
43 7,732,809 Light emitting display providing with compensated cholesteric reflective polarizer for improved contrast even in high ambient light or large viewing angle
44 7,732,792 Pattern measurement apparatus
45 7,732,791 Semiconductor testing method and semiconductor tester
46 7,732,766 Method for measuring information transfer limit in transmission electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope using the same
47 7,732,765 Scanning electron microscope
48 7,732,764 Field emission electron gun and electron beam applied device using the same
49 7,732,761 Method for measuring a pattern dimension using a scanning electron microscope
50 7,732,505 Energy ray-curable ink composition
51 7,732,503 Recycle of electrical equipment
52 7,732,361 Dielectric porcelain composition for use in electronic devices
53 7,732,268 Manufacturing method of display device
54 7,732,217 Apparatus and method for reading fluorescence from bead arrays
55 7,732,212 Method of management of analytical data and system for management of analytical data
56 7,732,090 Sealed rectangular battery
57 7,732,071 Perpendicular magnetic recording system with patterned medium and manufacturing process for the medium
58 7,732,005 Method for producing recording medium, recording medium employing said method, and information recording and reproducing apparatus
59 7,731,926 Wet flue-gas desulfurization apparatus and method of wet flue-gas desulfurization
60 7,731,889 Method for non-contact and diffuse curing exposure for making photopolymer nanoimprinting stamper
61 7,731,797 Substrate treating apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
62 7,731,764 Singulation metal mold and method for producing semiconductor device
63 7,730,999 Elevator group supervisory control system using target route preparation
64 7,730,993 Power steering device
65 7,730,713 Gas turbine power plant
66 7,730,624 Laser marker