Hitachi patents granted on 08 March 2011

76 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,904,856 Arrangement handling commands as control system behaviors and data system behaviors
2 7,904,749 Fast data recovery from HDD failure
3 7,904,746 Information processing system and data recovery method
4 7,904,744 Data storage using multiple protocols
5 7,904,683 Storage system
6 7,904,654 Storage system for sending an access request from a host to a storage subsystem
7 7,904,651 Storage device with disk power control based on logical storage area
8 7,904,646 Storage subsystem that connects fibre channel and supports online backup
9 7,904,616 Storage apparatus and data transfer method
10 7,904,506 Context information management system
11 7,904,426 System and method for identifying a removable storage device
12 7,904,254 Power conversion apparatus and method of estimating power cycle life
13 7,904,252 Method for measuring a structural change in a protein
14 7,904,052 Sensor net management method
15 7,904,046 Radio equipment having an attenuator between antenna and radio module
16 7,904,022 Support apparatus for reading tag information and method therefor
17 7,903,975 Optical add-drop multiplexer
18 7,903,930 Data recording apparatus and system having sustained high transfer rates
19 7,903,912 Optical connector
20 7,903,867 Method and apparatus for displaying detected defects
21 7,903,816 Storage system executing encryption and decryption processing
22 7,903,695 Optical fiber laser and exciting method using same
23 7,903,677 Information platform and configuration method of multiple information processing systems thereof
24 7,903,667 Packet communication system with QoS control function
25 7,903,407 Cooling systems and electronic apparatus
26 7,903,377 System, method, and apparatus for an independent flexible cable damper for reducing flexible cable fatigue in a hard disk drive
27 7,903,376 Integrated lead suspension for vibration damping in magnetic storage device
28 7,903,375 Proximity recording slider with high air bearing damping in and out of contact
29 7,903,374 Magnetic recording and reading device
30 7,903,361 Method of detecting scratch defect in circumferential direction and magnetic disk certifier
31 7,903,249 Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
32 7,903,248 Luminescence measuring apparatus
33 7,903,244 Method for inspecting defect and apparatus for inspecting defect
34 7,903,224 Liquid crystal display device
35 7,903,218 Display device wherein a gate insulating film provided at one TFT is thinner than a gate insulating film provided at another TFT, and a gap between a pixel electrode and a counter electrode is wider for the one TFT than the another TFT
36 7,903,205 Image display device
37 7,903,202 Liquid crystal display device
38 7,903,197 Liquid crystal display device with backlight having efficient heat radiating properties
39 7,903,196 Display device
40 7,903,195 LCD panel having a black coloring layer and an anti-glare layer attached to a protection plate through an adhesion layer in which the black coloring layer and the adhesion layer have a predetermined related thickness
41 7,903,193 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,903,192 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,903,182 Display device
44 7,903,075 Image display apparatus
45 7,903,050 Image display apparatus and driving method thereof
46 7,903,036 Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus using the same
47 7,903,013 Semiconductor device
48 7,902,986 RFID tag
49 7,902,961 RFID system and reader writer
50 7,902,860 Semiconductor circuit, and computing device and communications device using the same
51 7,902,832 Antenna cable break detector for construction machine wireless communication apparatus and construction machine wireless communication apparatus
52 7,902,790 Induction motor drive unit, motor drive system, and elevating system
53 7,902,730 Piezoelectric thin film device
54 7,902,713 Self-starting type permanent magnet synchronous motor and a compressor using the same
55 7,902,571 III-V group compound semiconductor device including a buffer layer having III-V group compound semiconductor crystal
56 7,902,505 Charged particle beam apparatus
57 7,902,480 Vacuum insulated switchgear
58 7,902,479 Vacuum switchgear
59 7,902,003 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,901,833 Fuel cartridge for fuel cells, fuel cell, fuel cell power system and method of mounting a fuel cell cartridge on a fuel cell
61 7,901,800 Piezoelectric element
62 7,901,790 High temperature component with thermal barrier coating and gas turbine using the same
63 7,901,782 Solder alloy and glass bonded body using the same
64 7,901,639 Reaction apparatus
65 7,901,573 Separation column and liquid chromatography apparatus using the same
66 7,901,342 Centrifugal separator with sterilizing apparatus
67 7,901,206 Heat-treating apparatus and method of producing substrates
68 7,901,179 Axial turbine
69 7,901,097 Display apparatus and projection type lighting apparatus therefor
70 7,900,996 Construction machine
71 7,900,916 Paper sheet transport mechanism and paper handling device
72 7,900,896 Specimen stage
73 7,900,580 Substrate processing apparatus and reaction container
74 7,900,497 System, method and apparatus for obtaining true roughness of granular media
75 7,900,342 Methods of fabricating magnetoresistance sensors pinned by an etch induced magnetic anisotropy
76 7,900,341 Method of manufacturing hard disk recording device using patterned medium