Hitachi patents granted on 08 May 2012

64 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D659,254 Sample collector
2 8,176,359 Disk array system and control method thereof
3 8,176,316 Validation server, validation method, and program
4 8,176,275 Method and apparatus for de-duplication after mirror operation
5 8,176,248 Method and system of collection performance data for storage network
6 8,176,211 Computer system, control apparatus, storage system and computer device
7 8,176,208 Storage system and operating method of storage system
8 8,176,202 Multi-host management server in storage system, program for the same and path information management method
9 8,176,196 Stream data processing method and apparatus
10 8,176,010 Remote copy system
11 8,176,008 Apparatus and method for replicating data in file system
12 8,175,809 Fluorescence analyzing method, fluorescence analyzing apparatus and image detecting method
13 8,175,748 Mobile device, moving system, moving method, and moving program
14 8,175,686 External condition control device based on measurement of brain functions
15 8,175,606 Wireless communication system and soft handoff control method in wireless communication system
16 8,175,598 Wireless communication system
17 8,175,443 Data recording and reproducing apparatus
18 8,175,402 Drawing apparatus
19 8,175,364 Medical image display device and program that generates marker and changes shape of region of interest to contact marker
20 8,175,217 X-ray CT apparatus
21 8,175,211 Method of stress corrosion cracking mitigation for nuclear power plant structural materials
22 8,175,210 Gamma thermometer axial apparatus and method for monitoring reactor core in nuclear power plant
23 8,175,198 Matched filter and receiver
24 8,175,189 Fast generalized decision feedback equalizer precoder implementation for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission systems
25 8,175,159 Moving picture signal coding method, decoding method, coding apparatus, and decoding apparatus
26 8,175,121 Image processor and image display apparatus comprising the same
27 8,175,096 Device for protection against illegal communications and network system thereof
28 8,175,023 Radiocommunication system and multicast data distribution method in the radiocommunication system
29 8,174,954 Optical information recording and reproducing method and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
30 8,174,951 Optical information recording method and apparatus
31 8,174,945 Multi-layered optical disk and optical disk device capable of addressing a focus lead-in operation
32 8,174,942 Data recording method capable of replacing defective data on different location in spare areas
33 8,174,940 Optical disc apparatus for executing recording or reproducing onto/from a multilayered optical disc having at least 3 layers
34 8,174,799 Differential magnetoresistive magnetic head
35 8,174,794 Slider having a lubricant-accumulation barrier including a plurality of lubricant-accumulation-barrier portions
36 8,174,788 Motor mount for interference suppression in a hard disk drive
37 8,174,783 Testing magnetic disk performance with a single slider simulating sliders of various disk drive systems
38 8,174,782 Methods for depositing lubricant onto disks and systems thereof
39 8,174,781 Method for screening magnetic-recording heads
40 8,174,779 Discrete device testing
41 8,174,525 Tetrahedral mesh generating method for finite-element analysis and finite-element analyzing system using its method
42 8,174,467 Picture image display device and method of driving the same
43 8,174,368 Reading method, responder, and interrogator
44 8,174,355 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
45 8,174,263 Magnetic resonance imaging with unnecessary material suppression using multiple RF pulses
46 8,174,229 Sample stage apparatus and method of controlling the same
47 8,174,221 Motor control apparatus and control apparatus for hybrid electric vehicles
48 8,174,156 Rotating electrical machine with different lamination steel kinds and spacing
49 8,173,971 Sample transfer unit and sample transferring method
50 8,173,962 Pattern displacement measuring method and pattern measuring device
51 8,173,905 Wiring structure and method for fabricating the same
52 8,173,419 Equipment for wastewater treatment comprising anaerobic ammonium oxidation vessel and acclimatization vessel
53 8,173,336 Circuit pattern formation device and method of forming circuit pattern
54 8,173,317 Fuel cells power generation system
55 8,173,313 Method of stopping a solid polymer type fuel cell system
56 8,173,214 Substrate processing method
57 8,173,004 Method of manufacturing chromium plated article and chromium plating apparatus
58 8,172,950 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
59 8,172,947 Substrate processing apparatus and attaching/detaching method of reaction vessel
60 8,172,946 Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
61 8,172,931 Wet-type exhaust desulfurizing apparatus
62 8,171,904 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
63 8,171,894 Engine system
64 8,171,628 Photosensitive conductive film, method for forming conductive film, method for forming conductive pattern, and conductive film substrate