Hitachi patents granted on 08 September 2009

57 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,587,627 System and method for disaster recovery of data
2 7,587,578 Processing only those that need processing among divided portions of input data and binding with unprocessed portions while allowing reconfiguration of processing logic device for next input
3 7,587,567 Storage control system
4 7,587,553 Storage controller, and logical volume formation method for the storage controller
5 7,587,552 Computer system and performance tuning method
6 7,587,551 Virtual path storage system and control method for the same
7 7,587,550 Functional test method and functional test apparatus for data storage devices
8 7,587,548 Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
9 7,587,511 Bandwidth monitoring method and its device
10 7,587,506 Computer system and data backup method in computer system
11 7,587,478 Method and computer program product for measuring quality of network services
12 7,587,471 System and method for virtualizing network storages into a single file system view
13 7,587,466 Method and computer system for information notification
14 7,587,436 Method and system for executing directory-basis migration in a global name space
15 7,587,430 Backup system for data base
16 7,587,426 System and method for virtualizing a distributed network storage as a single-view file system
17 7,587,264 Construction machine diagnosis information presenting device, diagnosis information display system, and diagnosis information presenting method
18 7,587,221 Sensor network management system
19 7,587,200 Computer system and base transceiver stations
20 7,587,174 Antenna unit and radio base station therewith
21 7,587,126 Video information outputting apparatus, video information receiving apparatus, video information outputting method and video information transmitting method
22 7,587,057 Vibroacoustic emulator
23 7,587,055 Sound collection system
24 7,586,947 Label switching type of packet forwarding apparatus
25 7,586,929 Method and system for content-oriented routing in a storage-embedded network
26 7,586,916 Packet routing apparatus and method of efficiently routing packets among network equipment
27 7,586,815 Pickup lens with phase compensator and optical pickup apparatus using the same
28 7,586,755 Electronic circuit component
29 7,586,741 Disk array apparatus and liquid cooling apparatus thereof
30 7,586,715 Magnetic head with a narrow spacing between magnetic shields at air bearing surface
31 7,586,711 Magnetic performance of a magnetic transducer operating within a hard disk drive
32 7,586,709 Read write offset error correction using geometric reference in self servo write process
33 7,586,707 Magnetic disk drive with increased storage capacity
34 7,586,687 Projecting optical unit and projecting type image display apparatus therewith
35 7,586,594 Method for inspecting defect and apparatus for inspecting defect
36 7,586,593 Inspection method and inspection apparatus
37 7,586,578 Display device
38 7,586,554 Liquid crystal display device and dielectric film usable in the liquid crystal display device
39 7,586,545 Apparatus and methods for controlling an on-screen display
40 7,586,540 Image interpolation device and a frame rate converter and image display apparatus using the same
41 7,586,467 Load drive circuit, integrated circuit, and plasma display
42 7,586,446 IC tag-bearing wiring board and method of fabricating the same
43 7,586,443 Leakage loss line type circularly-polarized wave antenna and high-frequency module
44 7,586,390 Bulk acoustic wave resonator, bulk acoustic wave filter, RF module including bulk acoustic wave resonator and/or filter, and bulk acoustic wave oscillator
45 7,586,112 Particle therapy system
46 7,585,904 Curing accelerator, curable resin composition and electronic parts device
47 7,585,807 Production of catalyst for removal of introgen oxides
48 7,585,776 Dry etching method of insulating film
49 7,585,732 Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
50 7,585,713 Method for exposing photo-sensitive SAM film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
51 7,585,628 Method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid amplification
52 7,585,383 Vacuum processing apparatus
53 7,585,378 Methods for producing raw material alloy for rare earth magnet, powder and sintered magnet
54 7,584,816 Power steering apparatus
55 7,584,672 Magnetostrictive torque sensor
56 7,584,668 Monitoring system for valve device
57 7,584,611 Control system for hydraulic construction machine