Hitachi patents granted on 09 April 2013

41 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D679,832 Capillary array for DNA sequencer
2 8,417,990 Multi-core processing system for vehicle control or an internal combustion engine controller
3 8,417,960 Method for generating an encryption key using biometrics authentication and restoring the encryption key and personal authentication system
4 8,417,929 System for selecting a server from a plurality of server groups to provide a service to a user terminal based on a boot mode indicated in a boot information from the user terminal
5 8,417,898 Storage control apparatus and storage control apparatus control method
6 8,417,896 Semiconductor memory system having a snapshot function
7 8,417,887 Storage system and method for controlling attributes such as encryption attributes in virtual storage areas
8 8,417,886 Storage system
9 8,417,882 Storage device and deduplication method
10 8,417,850 Information processing device and method for processing signal of information processing device
11 8,417,394 Substrate processing apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method and temperature controlling method
12 8,417,277 Radio base station and control method thereof
13 8,417,126 Polarization multiplexing transmitter and transmission system
14 8,417,088 Video recording and reproducing method, and video reproducing apparatus and method
15 8,416,799 Systems, methods and apparatuses for wireless communication
16 8,416,681 Network system
17 8,416,668 Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus and recording media
18 8,416,660 Recording quality evaluation method of optical disk and optical disk storage system
19 8,416,655 Optical pickup
20 8,416,574 Electric power conversion apparatus
21 8,416,571 Storage apparatus and method of controlling cooling fans for storage apparatus
22 8,416,402 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
23 8,416,364 Display device and planar light source device
24 8,416,356 Thin flexible liquid crystal display
25 8,416,309 Camera-fitted information retrieval device
26 8,416,292 Defect inspection apparatus and method
27 8,416,202 Display device having touch panel
28 8,416,178 Display apparatus
29 8,416,155 Plasma display device and plasma display panel drive method
30 8,415,922 Power tool
31 8,415,762 Semiconductor device for performing photoelectric conversion
32 8,415,258 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate and substrate processing apparatus
33 8,415,237 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
34 8,415,081 Photosensitive resin composition having a high refractive index
35 8,415,058 Nonaqueous secondary battery comprising at least two lithium-containing transition metal oxides of different average particle sizes
36 8,414,712 Thin strip of amorphous alloy, nanocrystal soft magnetic alloy, and magnetic core
37 8,414,199 Optical connector and lens block connecting structure, and optical module
38 8,413,774 Shock absorber
39 8,413,676 Construction machine
40 8,413,635 Vehicle control device and idling system
41 8,413,596 Oxyfuel boiler and a method of controlling the same