Hitachi patents granted on 09 August 2011

75 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,996,899 Communication systems and methods for digital content modification and protection
2 7,996,857 Optical disc apparatus
3 7,996,844 Load distribution control system and method
4 7,996,821 Data processor
5 7,996,735 Semiconductor device
6 7,996,728 Computer system or performance management method of computer system
7 7,996,712 Data transfer controller, data consistency determination method and storage controller
8 7,996,645 Log-structured file system for disk drives with shingled writing
9 7,996,640 Storage system and storage system data migration method
10 7,996,639 Method for managing volume groups considering storage tiers
11 7,996,637 Storage system and remote copy recovery method
12 7,996,635 Offsite management using disk based tape library and vault system
13 7,996,612 Computer system for reducing power consumption of storage system and method for controlling the same
14 7,996,611 Backup data management system and backup data management method
15 7,996,605 Storage controller and method for controlling the same
16 7,996,560 Managing virtual ports in an information processing system
17 7,996,437 Program for mapping of data schema
18 7,996,135 Starter
19 7,996,117 MRI system employing superconducting magnet and its maintenance method
20 7,996,033 Radio communication system and base station
21 7,996,004 Wireless communication system and test method thereof, and access terminal for testing wireless communication system
22 7,995,903 Data recording and reproducing apparatus and data recording and reproducing method
23 7,995,897 Video recording and reproducing method, and video reproducing apparatus and method
24 7,995,875 Mirror-embedded optical waveguide and fabrication method of same
25 7,995,833 Method of alignment for efficient defect review
26 7,995,803 Personal identification device and method
27 7,995,797 Vehicle image-processing camera system for acquiring images for multiple vehicle applications
28 7,995,674 Digital predistortion transmitter
29 7,995,572 Communication path monitoring system and communication network system
30 7,995,522 Base station and packet transfer equipment
31 7,995,520 Wireless communication system and terminal
32 7,995,450 Optical element feeding device and optical pickup unit using the same
33 7,995,430 Optical disk device and control method for the same
34 7,995,429 Optical disk device and tilt correction method thereof
35 7,995,417 Semiconductor memory circuit
36 7,995,405 Semiconductor memory device having a sense amplifier circuit with decreased offset
37 7,995,311 Magnetic shield, manufacturing method thereof and thin film magnetic head employing the same
38 7,995,307 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with trailing shield having throat height defined by electroplated nonmagnetic pad layer and method for making the head
39 7,995,302 Disk drive device and control method of unloading corresponding to fall detection in disk drive device
40 7,995,173 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,995,082 Three-dimensional recording and reproducing apparatus
42 7,995,018 Display device
43 7,995,007 Method for driving plasma display panel
44 7,994,970 Positioning system, position information transmitter, communication terminal, and control method of the positioning system
45 7,994,936 Traffic environment recognition method and system for carrying out the same
46 7,994,923 Non-contact electronic device
47 7,994,878 Acoustic wave device and high-frequency filter using the same
48 7,994,826 Drive circuit for power semiconductor switching device
49 7,994,825 Serial output circuit, semiconductor device, and serial transmission method
50 7,994,822 Semiconductor device for synchronous communication between stacked LSI
51 7,994,787 Superconducting magnet, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, and method of calculating coolability of cryo-cooler
52 7,994,776 Failure detection apparatus for resolver
53 7,994,717 Plasma display panel and plasma display apparatus using the same
54 7,994,666 Permanent magnet electrical rotating machine, wind power generating system, and a method of magnetizing a permanent magnet
55 7,994,623 Semiconductor device with offset stacked integrated circuits
56 7,994,505 Liquid crystal display device
57 7,994,058 Polishing slurry and polishing method
58 7,993,965 Process for producing semiconductive porcelain composition/electrode assembly
59 7,993,820 Pattern manufacturing equipments, organic thin-film transistors and manufacturing methods for organic thin-film transistor
60 7,993,809 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and method for producing printed wiring board
61 7,993,581 Immunoassay system and immunoassay method
62 7,993,561 Method for producing ceramic honeycomb filter
63 7,993,547 Semiconductor ceramic composition and process for producing the same
64 7,993,529 Treatment apparatus of organic compounds included in waste water, and a treatment system of organic compounds included in waste water
65 7,993,179 Method of manufacturing display unit
66 7,993,116 Variable displacement vane pump
67 7,992,974 Inkjet recording apparatus
68 7,992,783 Mobile terminal and control program thereof
69 7,992,724 Flat membrane element and regeneration method thereof
70 7,992,448 Mechanical-quantity measuring device
71 7,992,440 Optical fiber vibration sensor
72 7,992,435 Air flow meter
73 RE42,597 Liquid crystal driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
74 D643,130 Handles of module for liquid chromatograph analyzer
75 D642,978 Battery